Things You Need To Know About The Cert 3 Light Vehicle Mechanic


Students interested in automobile careers can get enrolled in a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. It is like a stepping stone in the automobile industry, and a lot of opportunities open up after you complete the program. It comprises experience and hands-on learning and benefiting students to help them to have a great career. Finding solutions to problems in the classroom is the most important thing that the certification course will teach you. So, if you are interested in moving to the automobile sector, here are a few things you should know about the course. 

About the course 

This course will train students for an assistant position or an entry-level in a variety of fields. The professionals who will teach the subjects have years of experience and are aware of the new technologies. Therefore, several job options are also there which require this course, and with that, you can excel in this field. It helps in research and development, private and public sectors, and product implementation. It also includes roles like vehicle service technician, automotive technician, etc. 

Duties and tasks 

After completing a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology Perth, you can handle several duties and tasks. It includes performing routine checks and maintenance, reassembling and removing brakes, engines, steering gear, and transmissions. You can replace and repair damaged and worn parts, inspect light vehicles to understand the reason for malfunctioning. And will get employed in garages, workshops, automotive repair shops, etc. I addition, you are also eligible to work in motor vehicle dealerships and many other areas. 

Job prospects 

Getting to work in the automobile industry is a varied and exciting career, and the roles are available worldwide. It means you can also work abroad or your choice of place. therefore, it will let you work in the path of your choice and get a handsome salary in the end.

Over the past few years, employment for mechanics has increased by great numbers. It shows that more job opportunities will come up in the future. Therefore, automotive and mechanic careers have shown the highest educational attainment, and many students who want to proceed in this field take up Certificate III. So, Students feel confident enough to perform tasks related to building light vehicles to rebuilding engines by completing the program. 

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The Curriculum Of The Course 

The cert 3 light vehicle mechanic includes several things like: 

  • Removing and dismantling engine assemblies, steering, transmissions, checking parts, and other components 
  • Diagnosing and detecting faults in various parts in an engine
  • Replacing and repairing defective and worn parts, referring to service manuals, reassembling mechanical components, etc. 
  • After repairing, you should be able to resemble parts. 
  • Testing and diagnosis of parts using the assistance of computers
  • Adjusting and testing mechanical parts after repairing to maintain optimum performance 
  • Performing timely maintenance work, like lubrication, oil changes, engine tune-ups, achieving smooth running of vehicles, ensuring compliance with pollution regulations

Course Delivery 

The automotive course is face to face with both practical and theory, and you get high-quality course materials. You can also work in safe and modern practical workshops with all equipment required to work. In addition, The educational experts are experienced and qualified with a passion for guiding students for the entire course. 

Job Opportunities You Get After Completing The Course 

  • Quality testing engineer:
    They are responsible for testing every component of the vehicle for ensuring proper functioning. Professionals for this role specialize in different areas of the vehicle, like electronics, crash testing, wireless connectivity, and system integration. They aslo ensure the vehicle is safe to drive and develop a test case. They take care of the execution process, resolve if there are any defects, etc. So, the education agent Perth can also assist you in which college you can get enrolled to take up this program. 
  • Process engineer:

    They handle the plant production process by resolving technical processes and maintaining the automated system. They have the strong technical expertise and use creativity in the development process. Process engineer use creativity to develop new designs and work independently in looking after the efficiency of the plant. In addition they also associate with plant personnel to check the developments that need to benefit the production line.

  • Auto designer:
    The experts are responsible for developing the appearance of the exterior and interior of vehicles. They combine engineering, business, and art to make the vehicle visually pleasing, functional, aerodynamic, and cost-effective. So, they use the design to seamlessly incorporate electrical, mechanical, comfort, and technical features into the vehicle. The designer partners also work with the auto engineer to implement the technological systems efficiently. Hence, they also need to work with the process engineer in the manufacturing stage to ensure the final product is require.
  • Auto engineers:
    They develop, research, and design the technical parts in a vehicle. They associate with the designing and development team to use the sophisticated technology in a user-friendly and safe way. It also helps in the navigation of the vehicle, control, warning, and fuel system. An auto engineer will continuously improve the past technologies to modify different parts of vehicles. So, It is done by keeping the market trends in mind and eliminating the problems that arise with time. 
  • Electrician:

    Professionals repairing, inspecting, and maintaining vehicle’s dashboard warning lights, headlights, circuit boards, alarm system, and starter motor. Generally, you will find working in auto body and mechanical shops with other technicians. They concentrate on the electric problems which arise in all vehicles. They look for solutions to eliminate the problem and develop a plan to repair the issue at the earliest. The plan can include things like replacing light bulbs, rewiring elements, or the entire electrical setup. All these things depend on the condition of the unit and the vehicle. Therefore, The package auto electrician changes are also big so that you can try for this role.  

What Next

Therefore, by completing “Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology”, you can work in different roles. If required, you can also take up further courses like Certificate IV, which will help you enhance your skills.