The Total Guide To Valuing Macallan Whisky


The Macallan edition No. 1 Single Malt Scotch Whisky is just one of the most recognisable names in whisky. Their success can mainly be credited to 2 major variables: great marketing and also a wonderful back brochure that is suited to the needs of enthusiasts. The range of vintages, age statements and also series make it perfect for new enthusiasts and also the huge cost range makes it appealing to those looking for a declaration item, or pieces, for their collection.

Just how much is My Macallan Worth?

Understanding how much your Macallan whisky is worth can be a difficulty when there is such a huge variety of costs for bottles. There are likewise the six main factors that impact the value of any container of whisky:

  • Degree
  • Vintage
  • Age Statement
  • Label & Box Problem
  • Bottling Year
  • Single Barrel & Cask Stamina Bottlings

As a beginning point you can use our convenient guides to see what your bottle of Macallan deserves. These are just planned as an overview as how, where and arecognizablelso when you choose to sell your whisky additionally plays a vital role in the cost you can achieve. Your container is just worth as high as a person agrees to pay, so ensure you offer your bottle the right way to obtain one of the most for your whisky.

As each Macallan 60 Year Old Red Collection collection is really various to enthusiasts, we have actually offered tips for sale details to each bottle. Please make use of the links listed below to browse to the section particular to your container.

Just How Much Is Macallan one decade Old Well Worth?

Macallan 10-year-old is one of the Macallan Distillery’s many widely readily available vintage collection. There are a variety of series, strengths and also variants.

Generally speaking, based upon the bottles we get queries for regularly:

What to seek in a Macallan one decade old?

Cask Toughness & 100 Evidence

Barrel stamina as well as 100 proof Macallan one decade old are relatively rare as well as consequently command a premium.

Release Decade

Older bottlings deserve extra. These were valued and launched as alcohol consumption containers many of the older bottles have been drunk, there are for that reason minimal numbers remaining, which increases rates.