The Secret to Happy and Healthy Pets in Singapore


Singapore is a biodiverse country that loves animals. Singaporeans love for animals is reflected on the rising population of pets in the country. Veterinarians are kept busy taking care of the many pets in the country. Another indication of how much Singaporeans love their pets is the growth of the pet food production industry. You can find quality pet products at the best pet store Singapore has.

With the increase in pet food production comes the opportunity to incorporate supplements that combat deficiencies and illnesses. Supplements and vitamins are the secrets to happy and healthy animals and pets in Singapore are no exception. But what kind of vitamin should you look for? Continue reading below to find out more.

Vitamin A

Pets have keen senses and adding nutritional vitamins to their diet can maintain and even enhance them. One such vitamin you should look out for in pet supplements is Vitamin A. It is a vitamin known for improving vision. But aside from sight, this vitamin also contributes to an improved immune system, growth, fetal development, and more. If your pet has sight issues, getting products with Vitamin A in them can help.

Vitamin B

Many B vitamins come in different names, and you can expect all of them to be beneficial to your pet’s health. For instance, Thiamine is a B vitamin that helps improve carbohydrate metabolism. Another B vitamin is pantothenic acid which helps with the metabolism of energy. These vitamins are great for metabolism processes, so make sure to look out for them when buying products. Other B vitamins to watch out for are Riboflavin, niacin, B12, folic acid, and Vitamin B6.

Vitamin C

Antioxidants are important for the body and pets also need these. Vitamin C is a source of antioxidants that you can add to your pet’s diet. It helps with inflammation issues. It can also remove free radicals that are harmful to your pet’s health. Even though animals can produce Vitamin C, there are cases when they need supplements.

Vitamin D

Just as humans need the sun, so do animals and part of that reason is the Vitamin D that you get from the sun. Your pets are just as reliant on Vitamin D as humans do, so if there is a deficiency among your pets, Vitamin D supplements would be a good option to introduce to their diets.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is the pet’s protection against damage caused by oxidation. It is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including fighting reproductive issues. But if your pet has been spayed or neutered, this vitamin is not solely taken to help solve reproductive issues. You can still include this vitamin in your pet’s diet for fat metabolism.

Vitamin K

Blood clotting is important to any living being, especially if your pets are very active and can get physical injuries as a result. If your dog gets wounded because they ran into something sharp, blood clotting will save them from losing a lot of blood. But if there is an issue with blood clots, you will have to resort to Vitamin K supplements that help activate your pet’s blood clotting ability. Of course, you should do this with the advice of a veterinarian.

These are only some of the vitamins you should pay close attention to improve your pets’ health. Ensure that you get these products from the best pet store Singapore has to offer to ensure that you are getting top-quality products that health officials approve.