The Process of Unlocking PDF Files with PDFBear


With the increasing cases of plagiarism and data theft, it is understandable that you encrypted your digital files like PDF. It means that before you can successfully open the files, you have to type first the associated passcode. It is to prevent other people from accessing the content of the document without your consent. It also minimizes the risk of leakage or illegal distribution of the sensitive and confidential information contained in the file.

However, you might find yourself facing inconvenience due to the password-protected documents. It may happen when you have to share them with a massive number of people. It is counterproductive to send to each one of them the PDF files’ password. So what you can do to solve this problem is to decrypt them using PDFBear.

The process of unlocking PDF files using PDFBear

To unlock PDF file, you first need to visit then find the unlock PDF tool. Once you click it, it will redirect you to a webpage with a toolbox at the center together with the instruction. Below is the step-by-step process that you have to follow when you reach the online tool.

Step 1. Upload the encrypted PDF file from your local storage to the toolbox

Before anything else, you will have to upload the PDF file from your local storage to the toolbox. You can also get it from your google drive or dropbox account. There are two options to upload it namely the select files button or the drag and drop option. The former is best for smartphone users while the latter is an easier method for laptop and computer users.

Step 2. Type the current password of the encrypted file

After uploading the encrypted file, you have to type its current password. It is the only way that it can guarantee that you are the owner of the document. It wants to prevent cases of invasion of privacy and data theft. Once you typed the correct password, click the unlock PDF button. The tool will immediately start the process of decrypting it.

Step 3. The decrypted file will be ready for download

After a few seconds or so, the decrypted file will be ready for download. You have the freedom to choose where you want to store it. It can be on your device’s local storage, google drive, or Dropbox account. If you prefer to send it using any of your social media accounts, you can just copy the shareable link.

Other tools offered by PDFBear

1.   Convert PDF

Despite the huge benefits that you reap when using PDF, you will still need to convert it to other file formats. It is because it does not permit changing anything on the content which means that you would have to deal with the errors, misspelled words, and miscalculated amounts if you prefer to not transform it to the original format. Don’t worry because the process is extremely easy and accurate.

2.   Repair PDF

Instead of crying over corrupted and damaged files due to power outages or viruses, you must do something about it by using the repair PDF tool. It will try to make them accessible again in just a few minutes. Manage your expectations because there are times that it is unable to repair the document due to the severity of the damage.

3.   Add page numbers to PDF

It is extra challenging to read a large PDF document without page numbers. You often forget where you stopped reading and you have a hard time tracking your progress. Besides that, it also results in confusion and an unorganized workspace. To help you with this issue, you can use PDFBear’s which can add page numbers quickly.

Advantages of using the premium account

The free account has certain limitations and restrictions that you will not experience if you avail of a monthly subscription plan at an affordable price. For instance, the premium account will let you unlimitedly decrypt files whereas the free account will only allow you to use the tool a few times a day. You can also take advantage of the unlimited storage space and higher resolution of decrypted documents. If you are not yet sure if it is worth it, there is a 14-day trial where you can experience all the benefits that the premium version can offer for free. If it can satisfy your needs and give you the best decryption experience, you can continue the subscription plan, otherwise, you may cancel it and return it to a free account.

In Conclusion

PDFBear is among the most reliable and accurate online tools available today. It has all the necessary tools that will allow you to manage your digital files more efficiently. Ultimately, it will not risk the safety of your files during the entire decryption process!