The best Rolling Shutters System for your Business Requirements


Roller shutter systems will be a good option for window and doorways, warehouses. They are easy to install, configure and maintain. Warehouse roller shutters protect the premises from unauthorized entry, sunlight and street noise.

Roller shutter system

Roller shutters consist of 3 parts: profile, shaft and drive. A profile is usually used plastic or aluminum, less often – steel. The drive operates on a cord, crank, electric, cord or tape mechanism. Depending on the option chosen, the cost of the entire system can be very different. The mechanism is operated by a handle for manual control or a switch if the control is automatic. With their help, the user sends a signal to wind or unwind the web on the shaft. After the system is lowered, access from the outside is completely closed.

Where are roller shutters needed in the warehouse?

The roller shutter system can be installed outside and inside the premises, as well as directly in the opening. Its installation does not require a lot of space and special preparations. The main thing is that before ordering, the dimensions are correctly taken, since it is impossible to carefully cut the roller shutters on your own. In the event that they are not in size, you will have to order new ones.

Most often, roller shutters are used instead of doors and gates in warehouses. It is very convenient. Especially if the roller shutters are powered. They open and close easily with no effort on the part of the user. They are also used to close window openings. The price of the product depends on the size of the canvas and the type of control – manual or automatic.

Installation of rolling shutters

Installing roller shutter systems for storage rooms is easy even for a non-professional. If you decide to order products from one of the best rolling shutter manufacturer, then the they will help with installation within the Hyderabad and nearby region. Installation can be done both on finished structures and on objects under construction. Installation is done on window, gate and doorways. To do this, use an invoice or built-in installation.

High-speed roller shutters

They allow you to quickly open / close the gate for fast vehicle passage.

Rolling shutters are able to protect a warehouse not only from unlawful actions of third parties: some types of profiles have excellent heat and sound insulation properties. Thanks to this, you can reduce energy costs by up to 45%.

Anti-vandal roller shutters

The degree of protection of your property with roller shutters can be different: if it is necessary to hide a zone (for example, a roller shutter in a niche), the simplest profile will do. But if you want to install roller shutters on the street, in a dangerous area, then you just need to use anti-vandal rolling shutters for warehouses. Such a protective system will delay the intruders for a long time, while the specialists of the security company will arrive in time.

Fireproof roller shutters

Fire-prevention shutters are simply necessary in buildings with weak wiring, in dilapidated structures, and in buildings with increased fire safety requirements. The specificity of anti-fire roller shutters is such that in case of fire, the hearth is isolated, thereby preserving the company’s property intact.