Six Iconic Australian Gins for the Perfect Night


From celebrities like Ryan Reynolds to Snoop Dogg, a few different stars have their lines of gin, among other alcohols. However, it takes more than that to celebrate the perfect night with one’s own company.

Gin and tonic are among Australia’s most prolific drinks. And Australian gin is often referred to as one of the best in the world.

Listed below are the six best-tasting gins produced in the country.

Never Distilling Co Southern Strength

This gin has a 52% strength. Made in South Australia, this young distillery is the brainchild of three liquor industry giants who felt it was time to bring a classic back to the forefront. With less sophisticated ingredients and a hefty dose of juniper to hit one right on the palate.

This viscous gin becomes cloudy when blended, making it ideal for a Gibson martini with high-quality cocktail onions.

Four Pillars Navy Strength Australian Gin

At 99.99 AUD, this spicy gin is made with organic oranges, fresh finger limes, and ginger. It is a fine liquor that one can use in almost any cocktail. It makes a mean gin and tonic or a smooth Martini if that’s what one prefers.

As the fourth most popular gin in Australia, every one in three bottles of gin sold is Four Pillars.

The Melbourne Gin Company

Melbourne Gin Company is a delightful dry gin from Victoria that has held its own in an increasingly competitive market for a few years now.

It is prepared using a blend of imported and local ingredients, emphasising balance and elegance on the tongue.

It is perfect for a Negroni or Martinez. It is one of the finest gins on the Australian market, with a 42% ABV and a price tag of 68.99 AUD.

Poor Toms Sydney

This gin, which may also be used as a perfume, has plenty of flowery undertones. With the aroma of fresh fruits, this is a perfect way to start for anyone who claims they don’t drink gin.

The somewhat sweeter front palate and substantial strawberry flavour make it ideal for almost any drink. However, it may taste finest with just a splash of soda and fruits to top it off into a cocktail.

Archie Rose Distilling Co. Signature Dry Gin

From Sydney’s Archie Rose team and one of NSW’s newest distilleries, this gin is vibrant and refreshing. It contains hints of native botanicals including, lemon myrtle blood lime, Dorrigo pepper leaf, and liver mint, complementing the underlying flavour of juniper.

This gin is versatile and may be sipped on the rocks or in a cocktail with plenty of citruses, such as a Gimlet.

Manly Spirits Co. Dry Gin

This Australian dry gin is a delightful combination of 10 sustainably harvested marine, local, and traditional ingredients that have been distilled into a genuine Australian wheat spirit.

The crisp, fresh citrus, marine, and juniper flavours and mild peppery undertones provide a subtle, lasting aftertaste. This gin is perfect for a refreshing G&T, served with an orange slice.

Final Thoughts

Gin continues to remain one of Australia’s favourite drinks. The wide range of its availability makes this fact apparent.

This list contains all of the basic features of some of the best Australian gin available on the market. So go ahead, take a pick, and create your best cocktails for a night in!