Settima Pumps, now celebrating over 40 years in industrial manufacturing.


For over 40 years, the global company  Settima (inventors of Continuum® technology)  has been leading the way in designing, planning, commissioning  and manufacturing a range of high performance silent hydraulic three screw pumps for use in some of the most hostile environments

Ask experts in the industry, and they will tell you that when it comes to helical rotor pumps and hydraulic screw pumps, Settima has the global reputation for being the most innovative manufacturers the industry has seen. Settima pumps are clearly recognised as one of the most innovative products available to buy, using the latest technologies and the highest quality components for a supplier product.

The Full name of the company is Settima Meccanica, and it was originally established over 40 years ago in 1978 with the clear objective of designing and manufacturing high technology three screw pumps for the global lift and elevators industry.

The aim of the company was to produce pumps capable of reducing noise emissions and pulsations in hydraulic circuits. Since the 1970’s, the company has invested heavily in new technologies, new applications and new market sectors which has facilitated Settima gaining experience in difference applications and increasing their overall industrial product range They are now seen by many as one of the leading manufacturers of no noise industrial pumps, both for low and high pressure industrial and commercial applications.

In 2001 Settima were innovating again and designed and developed a brand-new range of helical rotor external gear pumps. These were trademarked Continuum® and are now globally well known throughout the industry as the first no vibration and no noise pumps for high speed and high-pressure industrial applications, following this, the concept is now internationally patented. Sertima’s Continuum® pump then soon became the commercial benchmark in key industrial and mobile applications across the world and is what other aspire to.

The 2VHL Continuum® Pumps are transfer pumps designed to handle a wide variety of liquids, with no or very low operating noise. The rotors of 2VHL Continuum® Pumps have been designed using the Continuum® helical rotors, which are recognised for silence, energy consumption reduction and high performance in many working applications. The Continuum® concept, heart of 2VHL Continuum® Pumps, is based on three patented technological innovations:  the rotors profile, the screw step and  the inner force balancing

 Antech is one of a small number of ISO 9002 certified and qualified partner suppliers responsible for ensuring products are available to the English market and can provide ongoing and uninterrupted technical, sales and product support for companies who own or are looking to purchase such pumps.

A statement from Settima that was published by them reinforces their position as a leading global player in the market “Innovative equipment and procedures for quality control guarantees the product reliability of our range of pump products. The engineering department at Settima, equipped with cutting-edge design tools, allows the company to develop special projects and customised solutions. Our market knowledge, attention to detail, and employees’ development are all key factors in our continued growth”.