Places for you to read webnovel online


Reading books, newspapers, and stories has long been a hobby of many people. Reading has many incredible benefits. For English-speaking countries, they often watch through TV, or through podcasts, etc. However, nowadays, publishers have chosen to print to transmit reading stories to users. Many publishers choose to publish stories on Internet reading platforms. Here are a few story platforms you can refer to and choose from:

1. is a popular webtoons story platform. But that doesn’t mean they don’t provide webnovel, light novel. This platform offers a lot of famous names such as: Ro Yujin’s The Second Coming of Gluttony,… Recently the platform has been owned by Manycomic Entertainment, will there be more original Korean stories?


The name says it all. If you want to read webnovel, light novel, manhwa,webtoons this is the ideal destination for you. provides both the original and the translation for you to read. An interesting thing is that webnovel always recruits talented writers to write stories for them. This is really great when talented people are respected, readers enjoy great works and also benefits. These are really impressive moves. With an open scale, users can find whatever stories they want, they can also read all books anytime, anywhere.

3. was originally founded by martial arts enthusiasts so your first impression might be that this site offers Chinese novel, korean novel, japanese novel. But, coming to, you will have access to a huge store of Korean stories. Not only many but the webnovels here are really good quality.

4. is known as one of the biggest manhwa websites in terms of fiction. There is one difference compared to other websites, is the manhwa website built by a community of readers. They are free to compose and post on this platform.

5. is a great manhwa platform for readers who love to read in English. This platform is famous for its webtoon romance genre. You can immerse yourself with However, also provides thousands of other attractive story genres such as fiction, horror, adventure, …. to meet the needs of readers.Just like purchased story pages, their direction is still being decided.

6. is a great destination for readers who are passionate about fantasy and fantasy comics. At this platform, users can also participate in composing and posting their own stories. Royal Road includes many genres, readers can freely search for their favorite genre. The popular novel stories on this platform are quite influential.

7. is known as the new fiction platform in the industry. Although new, gives readers a great reading experience. This is a product of the Amazon platform, just launched. Because it is a new site, many points of are still in the process of improvement. Users can sometimes feel annoyed when having problems, but overall this is still a great  page.

8. is a very famous name in the manhwa comics. With the number of stories already available, and the popularity before, just added webnovel to attract readers. And that really attracted a lot of people. Here, readers have a very comfortable reading experience.