PDFBear: The Best Solution for Word to PDF Conversion


The vision of a paperless office came into reality when computers were launched. Piles of printed documents are disappearing as paperless files are now being popular. Portable Document Format, commonly known as PDF, is one of the paperless file formats. Started in the early 1990s, it was created to share documents with inline images and text formatting. PDF is very beneficial. When sharing a particular document, its format will not be distorted when it is in PDF. With this, it has been widely used nowadays. You are assured that the files you have sent and shared are non-editable. It will maintain the file’s original layout and content. PDF is for view-only documents. Likewise, it works on any operating system your devices have. Viewing and transferring files is much easier. If you are caught in the sea of word documents and wondering what right converting tool to use, PDFBear is the best suggestion. It has many great features that will attend to your paperless conversion needs.

PDFBear: Quick Conversion From Word To PDF

Depending on the tool, it may take time to word to PDF when you have many documents, and it might stress you out. But PDFBear, as fast as two minutes, you can convert a document to PDF. It doesn’t require a tech-savvy person to do the task, and there are only four simple steps to follow. The first thing to do is to upload your Microsoft word file. Then PDF Bear will scan the file. Wait at about two minutes maximum to complete the conversion. Once finished, your PDF is now ready to download. A little fun fact, even the PDF file can be compressed in a smaller file size through PDFBear. Thus, this means saving a lot of storage space on your local device and still having a good quality file.

Secured Document Privacy

It is important to keep documents confidential and secure. Some business documents need high privacy to avoid hacking and misuse of data for other user’s advantage. In PDFBear, uploaded documents in word format will automatically be deleted within an hour. It will permanently erase all files edited and converted. This measure will prevent unauthorized modification and access to files.


Converting Word documents to PDF but have a different operating system can be a little concerning. This is because some systems do not support Microsoft word. The Good thing is that PDFBear will do the conversion work for you. Hence, this online tool is compatible with all operating systems from Mac, Linux to Windows.

Cloud-Based Conversion

PDFBear is a cloud-based application, and it is an internet-based program. All data storage and processing logic are handled in the cloud. Since it is cloud-based, accessing PDFBear is not only tied by a single device. You can use it on different devices multiple times. It can be in smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. The conversion tool functionalities still work in the same way regardless of the device used. This also means no memory storage space will be consumed when you upload and convert files. Thus, it is more flexible and increases conversion capacity.

No Software Installation Is Needed

Oftentimes, conversion apps require installation. It is sometimes costly and consumes a lot of space on your local device storage. This leaves you to delete some of your apps if storage is not enough. It might slow down the performance of your device because of its heavy application size. However, PDFBear is developed to make conversion a lot easier and faster. Since it’s online-based, you don’t need to download and install it. It doesn’t require you to sign up and create an account for you to access the app. You can directly convert your word file to PDF as a free user. Yet if you want more great features, the PDFBear pro version is also available. There’s a subscription fee, and you will be provided with login credentials to have exclusive access. The free version still serves the basic functionality of the app, which is quick and hassle-free file conversion.


Convenient and quick without sacrificing the quality of the converted files is the best word-to-pdf converter solution. PDFBear is specially designed to meet every user’s need. It has made conversion tasks more productive and stress-free as it will only take two minutes for the files to be in PDF. You can even adjust the size to make it smaller but maintaining the same quality. It values data privacy. It has security measures. Uploaded files are removed permanently after an hour. This conversion tool is very flexible as it is designed to be available in many operating systems. It is cloud-based and doesn’t limit its accessibility to one device only. This feature makes it more handy and user-friendly. Another best thing about it is that it has a free version. You can directly convert files without creating an account, and no installation is needed. Indeed, PDFBear is an all-in-one conversion tool.