NAPLAN Exams: Will Your Child be Underprepared?


One of the milestones in Australian education is the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). This series of tests assesses the essential skill required for Australian students. This is a measure planned and executed by the government and education authorities to ensure that all Australian children have the basic literacy and numeracy skill to live comfortably with society and the challenges one might face. If you worry about the ‘generic’ education curriculum, NAPLAN tutoring is precisely what would calm your nerves. While classroom education is for a small to a large group of children, you might wonder if that system would work for every child. Don’t you think each child must be mentored so that they can tap into their maximum potential?

Personalised Lesson Plans: COVID? Online?

Creating a lesson plan becomes very specific if it is for a particular child’s needs. To do this, a placement test of sorts is necessary. By assessing how a child responds to this test, tutors can understand their strengths and weaknesses. Is there a part of math that your kid is unsure about? Is English comprehension difficult sometimes? Then this placement test will pinpoint the problems and how to create lesson plans that will work towards the goal. In that process, one learns about the gaps in the learning of a child. These gaps are particular and are often the output of the child’s engagement with learning. As they are specific to a child, individualised learning is almost mandatory.

What would happen to NAPLAN tutoring during the COVID pandemic?

With schools being online, the education experience of a child is disturbed. From face-to-face interactions and active learning, children can feel indifferent and hence bored. One needs to tackle the online learning issues by ensuring that the lessons are interactive using technology that supports interactive learning. This can be done by, for instance, having a lot of activities in learning. In that process, a child will feel engaged and feel like they are being looked out for.


Does This Work for EVERY Child?

Will NAPLAN tutoring platforms work for every type of child? What if my child is a struggling student? Will there be extra help for them? What if my child excels in his studies? Will they be given enough activities to be fully engaged? To answer in short: yes, they will all be engaged. There are services to all sorts of children with different levels of learning capabilities. From struggling students to intermediate and advanced students, learning is personalised. Tutoring is, however, important for children of special needs. Teachers are not only trained with children of mainstream education but also to handle children with special needs. By doing so, they ensure that these children will also be able to excel in school.

That is not all. Since all Australian children must take the NAPLAN test, home-schooled children fall under that purview too.

What makes NAPLAN tutoring comfortable for children of all types is that it is personalised.

Additionally, real tutors and real-time responses to problems make it what every parent in Australia wants.

Students might dread the NAPLAN Examination, but with the right tutoring, children can conquer each step of difficulty with proper help and ease. The examination can be anxiety-provoking, but with consistent help, children will eventually gain the confidence needed to crack NAPLAN!