Must Have Accessories for your New Tesla Model 3 or Model Y


If you are one of the people lucky enough to get your hands on a new Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, you’re probably already loving driving one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the planet. In fact, you may already think the car is perfect (like I did when I first got mine!) But there are some simple accessories we offer at Supercharged Accessories that can make your Tesla ownership even more enjoyable.

Best Accessories for New Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

-Premium Screen Protector for Model 3 & Model Y

Replacing the display in a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is over $1300 – so a screen protector is a worthwhile investment. Plus, if you like the look and benefits of a matte display (fewer fingerprints, cleaner look and touch), you can easily change the look of your Tesla display to matte with a premium screen protector.

Supercharged Accessories screen protectors feature:

  • Japanese Asahi brand reinforced glass tempered over 6 hours & rated at 9H hardness
  • Top quality Japanese Nippa AB glue for easy installation and reduced bubbles
  • Light transmission rate up to 98% for bright, crisp images
  • Precision laser cut for a perfect fit
  • Oleophobic coating for reduced fingerprints
  • LiteTouch technology for a perfectly smooth finish

-Lighting Bundle Upgrade for Model 3 & Model Y

The OEM lights that come in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are quite dim. We love the look of our upgraded Tesla Model 3 LED Lighting Bundle online as they are up to 16X brighter than the Tesla OEM lights and come in five different colors. Another thing we love about this upgrade is these lights are plug and play and the install is fast and easy. There’s no wire splicing or complicated work – just pop out the old light, unplug it and then replace it with the Supercharged Accessories upgraded LED and pop the light back in.

For the Model 3, you can upgrade either 6 or 8 lights. If you have full premium interior (Long Range, Performance or Mid-Range only) you can upgrade the footwell lights along with all 4 doors and then the trunk. If you have partial premium interior (Standard Range, Standard Range+) you can upgrade the 4 door lights and the trunk lights (the footwell lights are disabled via software by Tesla.) You’ll be shocked when you compare our lights to the OEM lights from Tesla – especially in the trunk.

For the Model Y, you can upgrade 6 LED lights – the front footwell lights (all models) and the 4 door lights. Unfortunately, the light on the back hatch is not easily upgradeable.

The difference with this upgrade is literally night and day. The finished result, the ease of install and the mixture of both form and function make this upgrade a must have for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners.

-Cup Holder Divider for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

The Supercharged Accessories cup holder divider for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is a barrier that divides the cup holder into two, separate, spaces. It may seem a little silly to write up such a simple accessory but this accessory solved a huge problem for me personally.

I keep my phone in the cup holder. Before I had the Cup Holder Divider, every time I would make a ‘spirited’ turn around a corner, my phone would crash onto its side (rather hard, actually.) It drove me a little crazy.

So we found this solution and love it. Also, we carry the Cup Holder Divider in matte black, gloss black and the carbon fiber look. And we have these for both the new and old Model 3 and Model Y consoles.  You can visit here to buy Model 3 cup holder online.

The Supercharged Accessories Cup Holder Divider for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y solves an annoying problem with a very simple solution.

Supercharged Accessories carries several other accessories for your Tesla. We have premium puddle lights with built in cable extenders, hidden compartments, and even more lighting upgrades. Be sure to stop by and find new ways to personalize your Tesla while enhancing your overall Tesla experience.

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