Multicultural Marketing – What It Is, Why You Should Do It?


One was the East-Asian civilization my parents brought from Taiwan, which prioritizes the needs and desires of their family and emphasizes academic excellence. Another was that the Western culture that surrounded me out the home, which prioritizes the needs and desires of the individual and highlights extracurricular activities. Needless to say, both of these cultures clashed, and I spent the first part of my youth confused about my identity. My parents taught me specific principles and values to help guide me through life, just like their parents did, however when I hung out with my friends, they would show me a very different way of living. At the end of the day, I did not know which category to side with.

From the start of middle school towards the end of high school, I largely identified as an American not only because the huge majority of my friends were American, but because I realized I was different. And I did not like that. I immersed myself in soccer and baseball, deriving all my worth in being a jock — the opposite of the typical Asian American. Regrettably, I looked down to other Asian children who were not as American as me, reluctantly ate Chinese food, and did not enjoy inviting my friends over because I was scared, they would believe my house smelled odd. In brief, I was ashamed to be Asian.

This mentality bled over to school, where I studied business and economics, played baseball, and joined a fraternity — all of which a typical Asian American would not do. As a senior, I chose to study abroad in Scotland, and my aim was to befriend as many lads and lasses from throughout the pond. However, by the end of the semester, hardly any of my buddies were European. The majority of them were really Asian. Among the biggest reasons why I loved studying overseas, as well as traveling the world rather than going to course, was that I befriended a group of Asian men who were extremely pleased with our Ethnic Advertising Agency in UK. And it taught me how important it’s to be proud of my identity. Before I studied abroad, I had never met an Asian person who claimed they were proud of who they were, and I did not really enjoy it either. But after meeting my Asian friends in Scotland, who were from Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Bhutan, and India, I was motivated to reverse my mentality.

Despite the fact that the world is a melting pot today, Ethnic Marketing agency in UK in a manner that only appeals to a nation’s majority ethnicity or culture. That means there is a massive pool of individuals that brands are not resonating with. But, generating more sales should not be the sole reason you promote to minority groups. Acknowledging their ethnicities and cultures should be another enormous driving element. Because, finally, letting minority groups understand that it is not just ok to be different, but it’s also amazing that they bring these distinct perspectives to the areas they immigrate to, will move society ahead and help immigrant kids like me be proud of who they’re.

If your brand truly wishes to practice compassion, then your workers will need to really understand what it is like to be in your clients’ shoes. Otherwise, if you do not have someone in your team who will contextualize your advertising campaign to a certain ethnicity or culture, your articles may seem that it was created with an ulterior purpose. So whichever minority group you aim in your multicultural advertising effort, just make sure someone on your team has the technical knowledge and life experience to vet it for accuracy.