Master the Unboxing Trend – Expert’s Advice for Creating Future’s Most Demanded Packaging!


You must have seen your favourite vloggers and digital content creators reviewing certain products on their social media platforms.

Although, there are chances that most of them are sponsored but many people also do it for the simple sake of creating diverse content. They buy the latest products of their interest and record their user experience – from unboxing to using, of course in a very short period, and their take about the product appeal and quality.

Whereas the product quality and features matter the most, the product appeal and custom packaging can play a significant role in producing a stimulating impact on potential customers.

But how can you get the most benefit out of something that’s your basic packaging requirement? And how rigid boxes can be the best choice for creating a worthy unboxing experience?

If you’re always stuck with such questions, this article is for you. The following are the simple steps by which you can turn your basic need into a productive opportunity for your business.

Make sure you take notes! 

  1. Engage All Senses to Create Memorable and Feel-Able Packaging Experience

Do you remember your last unboxing experience? You must have experienced many, but might be able to recall some of them, but you will only be able to speak good things about only a few. What makes a certain brand’s packaging memorable while the rest remains unnoticed in our memories forever? Their creative rigid boxes approach!

Unlike in physical stores, where customers can touch and feel the product before buying it. All of the customer’s senses are involved in the shopping process. On the contrary side, on digital platforms, you are limited in many aspects and left with fewer options to impress your customers.

Meanwhile, it’s difficult to replicate an in-store shopping experience in plain rigid boxes. However, you can make some efforts to engage your customers maximally.

You can use textures to add an exaggerated experience of the first touch, as you have to compensate for the lost in-store experience. So adding everything a little extra, yet in the appropriate proportion, will help you seal their stimulating curiosity and interest. By adding texture, features, pompous colours, and creative prints you can engage their sense of vision. To improve the packaging look from the inside, you can include add-ons like cards, and paper wraps to engage their senses of hearing, or by simply adding a little scent to the packaging, you can inculcate an exclusive feel and sense to your product boxes.

It will immediately take them to a specific zone for a while, which will be completely exclusive to your brand. As it is said that,

“One may not be able to recall all the things done for him, but he will certainly always remember how it made him feel”

So don’t forget to make your customers feel the experience.

  1. Be Aware of Your Audience’s Taste

One of the most crucial steps – know your audience. To be able to successfully impress anyone, you must know what they are like and what would appeal to them in the first place. Similarly, you should be aware of your audience type, their preferences, and what trends are most appealing to them. So you can utilize the best combinations. This will help you in becoming their favourite brand in no time.

  1. Personalize It for Branded Appeal

Of course, add your logo and brand name. Personalizing rigid packaging will further add a touch of exclusivity and develop your brand identity. As no brand can be known or developed without having a certain identity. Therefore, for creating a memorable and traceable experience, make sure you add your brand name and logo to your packaging. So customers can know who has given them the experience. Plus, how they would be able to recommend or find your brand for second purchase if there’s no name on it? It would be like buying a product with a blank slate from an anonymous seller. You surely don’t want that.

  1. Use Creative Tools and Features

There is no limitation in creativity. You can use all the features and tools with custom packaging service providers like ours, Best Custom Boxes, and create your packaging delightfully perfect for your customers.

You want to make the unboxing experience memorable for your buyers as well as their viewers – which can be your potential customers. Meanwhile, no one would be excited about watching someone open a boring, no-frills packaging. So try making it unique to make it stick in people’s minds.

  1. Give Free Samples and Discount Cards to Add an Element of Surprise and Excitement 

Who does not love complimentary services? Just like we give our customers complimentary designing and shipping services, you can also include free sample products and cards, and thank you notes to make them feel special. This will hit all the right spots in the right hemisphere of the brain – the part of our brain responsible for emotional experiences. And, this will create a beautifully persistent experience for them.

Another effective method is to include a card with a discount code for your loyal buyers’ next purchase. This will make them not only love your product, but they will be more encouraged to purchase again at the discounted rates.

  1. Make it User Friendly 

While designing your custom rigid packaging, you don’t want it to become too complex to be enjoyed properly. You want it to be enjoyable, smooth to be opened, and creative for producing a lasting unboxing experience. So don’t go with complicated box shapes and product organizations. So, keep it simple and elegant.

  1. Think Digitally! Use Scanners for Deals, Discounts, And Hashtags – Creatively Impel People to Promote Your Brand Name

It is the era of the digital world. Everything is interrelated with the social media platform in the end. Where real-life experiences have their significance, we cannot deny the impact and influence of digital platforms in defining your brand worth.

  1. Share Your Story – Give an Emotional Touch!

Share your story! This tip might have come in the end, but one cannot stress enough about its importance. When a brand shares its story, it is coming to its customers vulnerably. This vulnerability brings out their right emotions and enables you to create an authentic customer-seller bond with them. Sharing your story, which also includes the weak points and countered failures, gives the customers a reason to stick to your brand by inducing a sympathy in them.

Precisely, unboxing experience is all about beautiful features and worth sharing and craving experience. You need to understand what your audience wants, and simply offer them all that. By following above mentioned tips, you will be able to create the packaging that will be worth hyping all over the social media sites over night!