Kinds Of Chimneys Do Roofing Contractors in Boston Handle

Kinds Of Chimneys

The chimney is one of the most important parts of the roof because it is the only source of letting the smoke out that builds up in the kitchen and other areas. It is a good thing that you are aware of the kind of chimney is installed on your roof and how can Roofing Contractors in Boston handle them.

How To Know Chimney Is Having Issues?

Your chimney can have many serious issues that can be seriously dangerous for the house as not taking care of the roof will damage the whole structure. If the below-mentioned issues are occurring then immediately call the roofing contractors.

Top Structure of Chimney Leaking

If water is trapped on the roof of the house then it will create cracks and through them, water can leak into the chimney. This is caused by heavy rain and the sewerage system has clogged so the water is trapped on the roof.

Leakage Has Reached The Fireplace

Many times the water remains on the roof. But when cracks appear on the walls and roof the water can penetrate the fireplace and dampen the wood and inner structure.

Decay Is Apparent On Inner Walls

The crew of Roofing Contractors in Boston providing chimney services observe that the inner walls of the chimney are decaying. They start to crumble because water is leaking in the walls through cracks.

The Chimney Has Bent

A bent chimney is extremely dangerous because this means it is having structural problems. If this issue is not fixed then it is a possibility that the chimney will fall.

Roofing Contractors in Boston Handling Different Chimneys

The main purpose of a chimney is to remove smoke, gases, and other byproducts that come from burning materials and cooking in the kitchen. The different contractors including Melo’s Construction can handle issues that occur in the following kinds of chimneys.

Chimneys Made From Stones And Bricks

This is the most common chimney found all across the world. The material used to make this chimney is the most basic and the oldest; including stones, types of cement, bricks, mortar, and blocks. The main quality of this chimney type is that in winter the heat is absorbed in the tunnel and distributed in the house.

Chimneys Constructed Using Metal

The metal used to make these chimneys is stainless steel. These are larger than those made from stones and bricks. People might think that it will be extremely hot, but the insulation will trap the heat inside.

Chimneys Built In A Factory

These chimneys are built-in bulks in a factory. The design and style of these chimneys are almost the same. They are made in a factory and delivered to homes and other buildings.

Cool Air Circulation Chimney

The cool air circulated in between the layers of the structure. The cool air is circulated so that the heat lowers as warm air goes up the chimney.

Combining Qualities Of Other Chimneys

Sometimes the chimney is made by combining various qualities of different chimneys in one. You can consider it a custom-made chimney.

Chimney With A Fireplace

This chimney that the Roofing Contractors in Boston will provide services for is mainly installed in the living room and it provides heat to the whole house.

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