Increase Your App Downloads in 2021: Tips & Strategies to Know


The world is going online. You can get tools and apps for almost everything, from newspapers to exciting games. The young generation is engaged with the apps available online. It has attracted app developers to make more and more apps with unique ideas. There are many similar apps available in the market.

The only difference is in their download stats. If you are an app developer struggling to make your app popular, you should know the latest strategies and trends. Increasing the app download at the initial stages is very difficult.

Even if you have some unique ideas and are fully confident in the design of your app, it may take some time to reach the young generation’s eyes. 

With the increase in the number of developed and published apps every day, app marketing has become intensively competitive. There are minimal channels to advertise your app and millions of apps to compete. The app that you make will eventually compete with 1.82 million apps on Apple’s app store and 2.7 million apps on the Google Play Store.

Creating a unique app that stands out from what is already available and then using proper strategies for marketing is a difficult task. But once you get the downloads, you will be able to make some real money.

Marketing your app is very much similar to increasing the rank of your website on Google search. In the Play Store, your app ranks in the search results decide the number of downloads you get. Similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there is another set of algorithms called App Store Optimization, used to rank your apps in the search results of Google Play Store or Apple’s app store.

How App Store Optimization Works?

App Store Optimization (ASO) does a similar task as SEO does in website marketing, but ASO has a more significant impact on the listing of apps. It is used to increase the visibility of your app in the marketplace.

Different digital marketing services in India can help you to rank your app on the top.

Here are some of the factors that affect your App Store Optimization

Positive Reviews- If the few users who have downloaded your app are satisfied and post good things about your app, it can help you gain more downloads. Your app rating plays a vital role in ranking your page.

App Downloads– The more downloads you have, the more you will get. This is because APO ranks the apps based on downloads to give the users the best options.

Keyword Relevance– Apps with popular keywords in their title and description seem to get more downloads.

Now that you are aware of how APO works and what factors affect the ranking let us see some strategies that will help you to boost your app downloads-

  1. Create an Enticing Icon

Icons are the first thing that your users will get to see. Whether a user clicks the icon or not depends a lot on this icon. Try to design an icon related to your app and attract the users to enter the app description.

  1. Social Media Outreach-

Social Media plays an important role in the growth of your app. Millions of people are online on various social media apps. You can use these platforms for marketing your apps. The more the number of people who get to know your app name, the more likely it is for them to download it when they open the app store. Creating a Facebook Page for your app can help you run ads with custom call-to-actions to gain publicity for your app to increase downloads.

  1. Use a Reward System-

This strategy is used by many big businesses to market their apps. It will help you to convert your existing users into marketers for your app. You can use many options to reward the users who will share the app link with their friends. You can provide them with unlockable customization options, discounts, push notifications, in-app currency or points, vouchers, and other freebies.

Many apps already use this strategy to increase downloads. People often get happy with free rewards, and for that, they will quickly get ready to market your app among their connections.

  1. Content Marketing Strategy-

Search engines are a great place to gain publicity for your apps. You can create a blog with content related to your apps. If someone searches for a related keyword and sees your app name in the Google search results, it assures the users to download it.

Though Blogging is the most efficient way, there are also many other platforms that you can use to publish your content and advertise your app. You can make YouTube videos about your app. Using a reward system can help you attract many new users.

Making an app that stands out from the other apps that are already available is a difficult task. You have to put a lot of efforts into that. If you are successful in making an app with a unique idea and design, you must use proper strategies to market your app. Without marketing, it is almost impossible to gain downloads to their full potential.