In What Conditions You Should Go For a Mini Laptops


Mini laptops form a significant portion of total PC sales. This is mainly because mini laptops are portable and compact. They are the ultimate computing solution for students making their academic life easier. It also assists office goers in several ways, including recording data and creating presentations. 

Moreover, the affordable mini laptop price makes them ideal purchases for casual buyers. Therefore, if you plan to get a laptop for study or work purposes, go for mini laptops. 

Why are the perks of a mini laptop? 

These types of laptops are recently gaining popularity among individuals. It is useful for both professional and leisure purposes. These units are compact and don’t compromise in terms of technology, innovation, or design. 

Listed here are some of the reasons to purchase these computing solutions. 

  • Compact design 

One of the notable features of these computing solutions is their size. Its compact design and size help you carry these computing solutions around with you. No matter the location, be it in the airplane or when seated in a car, you can use these laptops with ease. It does not occupy too much space and is more compact than a binder or business folio. 

  • Optimum battery life 

Along with portability, these laptops also ensure optimum efficiency. Mini laptops from companies like HP, Apple, etc., ensure long battery life. It can run from 7 to 12 hours after charging. Usually, streaming videos or playback leads to maximum battery usage compared to working on different documents. Many of these laptops also come with fast charging ports that help recharge in less than an hour. 

  • Additional features 

Mini laptops look more like notebook laptops. It is engineered with different perks that can’t be found in normal laptops. Many of these laptops also include a touchscreen and have functionalities similar to an electronic tablet. It may also come with accessories like a writing pen. Many of these laptops come with folding configurations or even a removable keyboard. Therefore, their small sizes do not compromise the laptop’s functionality. 

  • Reliable and durable 

Mini laptop models are mostly designed for students. Therefore, they are engineered to be spill-proof and to ensure protection against liquid damage. Its lightweight body also causes minimum damage in case it slips from your hand. 

  • Price of laptop

Mini laptop price usually depends on the functionalities and features of the design. The advanced technology, along with a compact size, mostly requires a bigger budget. However, mini laptops designed for students are mostly affordable. You will need to evaluate the purpose of your laptop before opting for high-end models. In case you plan on using the laptop for research and academic work. Then you should opt for more affordable models that are technologically advanced mini laptops. 

Best Indian laptops of smaller size that you can purchase

Here are the best Indian laptops listed below which are smaller in size and affordable in cost.

  • HP Envy x2 

Mini laptop price: Rs.1.40 lakh approx  

Size: 0.31-inch thickness

Processor: Intel Core 


SSD: 128GB

Additional features: Foldable, touchscreen, Stylus, USB ports, Integrated 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 

  • Acer Chromebook CP311-1H-C5PN

Price: Rs.42,000 approx 

Size: 20.3mm 

Processor: Intel Celeron Dual Core 


SSD: 32GB 

Additional features: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Multi-format SD Media Card, 2 USB port, HD TN anti-glare LED display. 

  • Samsung Chromebook XE500C13-K06US 

Price: Rs.71500 approx 

Size: 17.8mm 

Processor: Intel Celeron Dual Core 


SSD: 64GB 

Additional features: Wi-Fi, HDMI port, 2 USB Ports, Anti-Glare TN Display, Dual speaker, Internal microphone. 

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