How to Properly Clean Your Furniture: Luxury Furniture


A major concern of homeowners is how to clean and protect their luxury furniture. The truth is, there are several effective and simple methods. It’s just a question of what’s best for you.

Once you’ve found the perfect cleaning method for you, there’s no reason your high-end furniture can’t keep looking new. How much time you need to spend cleaning each piece of furniture in the house will depend on the finishes, coatings, and construction materials.

Read on to learn more about cleaning and protecting your Luxury Italian furniture. Sheets, curtains, tables, sofas: there are a dozen surfaces to be disinfected in the house, and each one is made with different fabrics and materials that require special care. So, experts tell us how to take care of decorative objects without damaging them.

Luxury Furniture

Different materials require different types of cleaners. So, the last thing you want to do in your attempt to sanitize luxury furniture is to ruin an expensive coffee table or sofa. So, we asked the experts what the best way to clean furniture based on the material it is made of is.


You and your family will be couch potatoes for most of your 40s. This means greater risks of food and dirt spillage that regular dusting may not eliminate.

So, It’s best to leave fabric-covered sofas to cleaning professionals. Still, for quick disinfection, a light splash of antibacterial clean. So, no bleach or other harsh chemicals – would do the trick to save money over alcohol.


Vacuum cabinets and drawers and wipe with a clean cloth. If you’re worried about expensive wood furniture and glass or marble coffee tables losing their lustre, don’t worry.


Professional advice involves a light spray of ethyl alcohol or bleach-free antibacterial cleaner for leather furniture. For the most part. However, all experts recommend tackling stains immediately with very mild soap and water to clean the colours, and then use store-bought leather cleaners.


If parts of your furniture are covered with velvet, cover them with a white cloth, treating the remaining areas of the table.

Glass and mirrors:

Old newspapers are a plus for having tables, cabinets, and shelves made of glistening glass and windows. So, spray it with a disinfectant or cleaning liquid and scrub with the paper in circular motions.


While duvet covers, pillowcases, and sheets can be washed hot – soap and warm water (40-60 ° c) help kill most bacteria and viruses. So, mattress maintenance is a bit complicated. So, if you lightly spray the mattress with disinfectant spray or alcohol spray, make sure the bed is completely dry before using it again.

Tips for cleaning Luxury furniture:

Are you looking for a fast, efficient, and safe solution for cleaning furniture? Consider using microfiber cloths to remove dust, dirt, grime, and even mildew!

Use a microfiber cloth:

Dusting luxury furniture with a microfiber cloth is the easiest thing in the world. So, split microfiber fibres help instantly trap dust when cleaning the furniture. So, you don’t need different cleaning products or even water for a dust-free home!

Removal of sticky dirt:

On the other hand, we recommend that you moisten your microfiber. So, towel with some water before wiping the dirt off the luxury furniture. The water will help loosen and dissolve the ground, and the microfiber will suck up the soil.

So, make sure you finish the job by rubbing a dry microfiber on the area you cleaned, as you don’t want the remaining water to damage your wood. It is the simplest and safest way to clean dirt from the furniture.

Deep cleaning:

To thoroughly clean stubborn dirt and grime from Luxury European Furniture. So, try adding a touch of soap to your microfiber towel. Ideally, we recommend that you use a soap intended for cleaning wood. If you are using dish soap, try it first. Add it to a damp rag and wipe a small, hidden area of ​​the cabinet to make sure the soap doesn’t damage the finish of the wood.

Then you can mix a small amount of soap with water and use the mixture to clean the wood with the microfiber cloth. Again, keep an eye on how much water is on your wood and quickly wipe wet areas with a dry microfiber towel.


Luxury furniture is very different from traditional furniture and can often be misleading or unusual as to why it is different. For best results, you should clean your leather furniture once a week. Use a damp cloth and wipe or polish any visible stains. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush to clean debris and crumbs from seams and corners. So, finish with a light layer of protection in the form of wax or a special skin conditioner.

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