How to Hold a DIY Summer Camp at Daycare


Camps are a summer favorite! Camps in the summer are a blast for both the kids and the daycares. They impart knowledge, encourage good character traits, and build campers’ self-esteem.

If you put some thought into your daycare goals and objectives, as well as the steps you intend to take to achieve them, summer camp may be a fantastic program.

Whether you’ve been a summer camp director for twenty years or this is your very first year, you can use these five strategies to run a better program this year and get a head start on next year!

 Impressive Topics

Picking a camp theme that works for everyone can be challenging. You have the option of picking a new theme every week. In addition to being a fantastic organizational tool, it will delight your campers and make planning easier.

Think about what the majority of campers would be interested in when deciding on a theme for your camp. Age appropriateness should be considered… Ideas that are more specific, like the movie “Frozen,” may not be as popular as those that are more general, like superheroes.

Find the Right Employees

Hiring qualified people to work at your summer camp is essential. To make a fantastic summer camp, this might be the single most critical component. Staffing the camp with enthusiastic, and entertaining individuals will inspire the same qualities in the campers.

 Being goofy, making ridiculous noises, and playing games is what summer camp is all about. Along with supporting and encouraging their campers to do the same, your team should be ready to play, smile, and run around.

Get a Head Start

Depending on the program you’re conducting, camp days might be lengthy and exhausting. The bulk of the preparation should be done in advance. If you want to have everything ready for your kids summer camps before the first day of camp, you should start planning in May at the latest.

Instead of fretting about what’s going to happen next week, your team can keep their attention on the kids and the activities at hand if they plan. Once the plans are in place and the supplies are acquired, the rest will be a breeze.

Get Your Team Excited

The type of camp you run will be determined by the energy of your squad. Your summer camp machine runs on energy, so keep recharging it!

For example, you may set up a huddle once a week or even every day. This is a great opportunity to refocus as a team, address any concerns or updates, and inspire everyone to keep having fun until the end of the week.

Another idea is to surprise employees with coffee gift cards if they exhibit the kind of attitude you’re looking for.

Think outside the box. Offer rewards. Show the way. Set an example of the kind of attitude you would like to see exhibited by your team members; this will trickle down from there.


Get out of your shell and have fun at summer camp by organizing events that you wouldn’t normally do during the school year.