How to Ensure Car Exterior Care without Water for Best Protection?



Doing car exterior care without water can be tricky. Multiple dust particles and contaminants leave a residue after the cleaning product evaporates from your vehicle. It can damage your car’s aesthetic look and the paint. But that does not mean you cannot clean your car without water. Multiple ways can help you clean your car without using water. 

A dry car wash shampoo can be one of the best solutions to clean your car without water. You need to know how to clean your car without getting any water spots and avoid major problems. There are multiple things that you need to consider when you are cleaning dark-coloured cars. Avoiding the sun rays, washing your vehicle part by part, and drying every part is one of the key things you must keep in mind. This article addresses a detailed explanation of cleaning and taking care of the exterior of your vehicle without water. 

Many people may consider that water is mandatory to wash their car. A car cleaning cloth can be sufficient for cleaning your car when it comes the exterior. Water always helps, but it is not a necessity, and if you are looking forward to saving water, the steps can help you. Live in an apartment or condominium and are looking forward to economical and sustainable ways to clean your car. You will be delighted to know that this article can address the best ways to clean cars without water. 

How to Do Car Exterior Care without Water?

Caring for the exterior of your car without using water is easy as there are multiple things available. There are many cleaning solutions available that do not require water. Read the following steps to understand how to wash or clean your car without water. 

Using Microfiber Towels

One of the primary fabrics to clean your car is a microfiber towel. It is not like other affordable materials available in the market. This product helps prevent smearing and smudging and to a wonderful job of accumulating debris and dirt. But there are certain things to remember when using a microfiber towel. Do not ever use a dirty towel. Microfibre towels may be the best option for accumulating dust particles, but they may be unable to do their job correctly if they are dirty. Make sure to purchase a large supply of towels so that you do not have to bother reusing the dirty towel repeatedly. 

Waterless Cleaners

Consider using waterless cleaners for cleaning the exterior of your car. It does a wonderful job of cleaning the exterior portion and safeguarding the paint surface from damage. If you want to clean your vehicle properly, a bottle of waterless cleaner will help you clean your car for 2 to 3 washes in a regular manner. Ensure to utilise the solution on the whole vehicle and not only the dirty spots to make the car look damaged. Many websites have waterless cleaners at affordable prices that you can purchase to start cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. 

Daily Cleaning

The more you clean your car, the simpler the process will be to eliminate debris and dust from your car. That way, you do not need water whenever you clean your car. You may have difficulty eliminating the dust particles if you wait for more than one month. It would make you take your car to a professional service to wash and clean it. Waterless cleaning can be beneficial, but you may have difficulty cleaning your car if you wait for 2 to 3 months. Do not wait between multiple washes; clean it regularly to stop using water to clean your car. Else, there are options to take your car for professional washes. 

Water Isn’t the Solution

If you are sceptical about washing your car and maintaining the exterior without water, you must understand that it is not the water carrying out the dirty job. The cleaner and solution you use to clean your car does the job. If you look forward to testing the process, wash your dirty vehicle with only water and keep it dry. Sooner or later, you are going to realise that your car was much cleaner before than it is now. So, eliminate the thought of using water to clean your car whenever you want to maintain the exterior. 


These are some of the ways to do car exterior care without water. You will be surprised that maximum solutions and waterless cleaners are available online at affordable prices. All you need to do is visit Carorbis and check out their range of solutions and cleaners for cleaning the exterior portion of your car. All of their products are affordable and are available in multiple varieties.