How to Cure Knee Pain When Playing Sports Effectively


How to treat knee pain when playing sports is one of the problems that many people are interested in. According to experts, the condition of joint pain, especially a knee injury while participating in sports activities, if not handled in time, can cause many adverse effects on the patient’s health.

Causes of knee pain when playing sports

Knee pain during sports can be caused by a number of reasons:


Injuries while playing sports are unavoidable, especially for sports that require the use of the feet such as football, athletics, etc. When an injury occurs, the cushioning cartilage of the knee joint is very easy to encounter. must hurt. As a result, the patient feels persistent pain in the knee area.

Wrong posture

Posture in sports plays a very important role, it helps to ensure the least chance of injury. However, in some cases of poor posture, the knee ligaments and cartilage can be subjected to excessive stretching and friction, leading to uncomfortable pain.

Too much exercise

Many people who play sports too hard often suffer from joint pain. The reason is that high-intensity activity for a long time can cause the knee joint to be subjected to too much stress and pressure, leading to inflammation and pain in the patient.

Failure to start properly

Before exercising, to avoid cramps and stiffness, it is very important to warm up the body. However, if you don’t warm up properly and start playing sports right away, it is easy for players to hurt the knee joint, leading to knee pain.

Knee pain during sports is not a serious condition. However, if not handled in time, it can cause some adverse effects on the health and mobility of the patient. Therefore, patients should grasp the ways to treat knee pain when playing sports to have the timely treatment and avoid harm later.

The most effective way to treat knee pain when playing sports

To minimize the feeling of knee pain when playing sports, patients can use some of the following measures:

1. Apply a cold compress

With knee pain caused by sports injuries, ice is always one of the top priority topical measures. The heat from the ice can help reduce swelling and bruising quickly, and slow blood flow to the damaged area, so the pain is reduced.

2. Take a warm bath

Besides applying cold ice, taking a warm bath is also a way to treat knee pain when playing sports that many people apply. People with knee pain due to injury should not apply heat immediately, but should only take a warm bath to regulate the body. Warm water also relaxes tense muscles and stimulates blood circulation to each cell.

In the process of taking a warm bath, the patient can use Epsom salt to disinfect the skin, avoiding infection in the injured knee area. Soaking time should not last too long, about 10 to 15 minutes is the most suitable.

3. Massage for the painful knee area

Massage is a long-term effective treatment for knee pain when playing sports that patients cannot ignore. Through the external force from the hand, the tight muscles of the knee area will be softened and relaxed to the maximum.

Not only that, massage also helps to soothe uncomfortable aches and pains and promote blood circulation to the injured knee joint.

4. Muscle relaxants

Patients can use some more drugs for osteoarthritis pain with muscle relaxants such as baclofen, tizanidine, … to help improve pain and muscle tension. Unlike mild anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants should be used under the direction of the treating physician.

5. Painkiller injections

If the pain is more intense and frequent than usual, the patient may be prescribed pain relievers. This is usually a powerful corticosteroid that is injected directly under the dura, which can quickly improve uncomfortable symptoms.