How to Choose a Driving School and Instructor?


Are you looking for a good driving school? The first step is to have patience, don’t hurry! The best way to find the right driving school is to do thorough research, and we all know research takes time. Every driving school is different, so compare each school’s pros and cons, then make your final decision.

Important points to consider before choosing a driving school:

  1. Qualified Driving Instructors
  2. Total Hours of Driving Lessons
  3. Reviews and Recommendations
  4. Automatic and Manual Cars
  5. Does the Driving School teach Safer Driver Courses?

Even after all this, you are finding it difficult to choose a Køreskole Lyngby, below-mentioned tips will help you out:

Do Your Research- First and foremost thing to note that whether your school is accredited or not. Also, look for that school that follows your state laws and order. It is always a good option to cross-check your region’s Motor Vehicle Department.

Pay a visit to the School- It is always a good idea to visit the nearest driving school, take a look at the cars, instructor that they are using. If they have simulators, how good are they? Find about all the materials they offer throughout the driving lessons.

Know about Hours of driving- There is nothing better than actually driving on the road. Ask the instructor how many hours you will spend on the street during the entire training period. It is always a good idea to maximize instructional time behind the wheel.

Find About the Instructors- Get to know all about the instructors, ask about them in the school, and look how they were chosen and how long they have been working in the field. Also, check if they’ve gone through background checks and whether they’re certified to offer teaching classes.

That doesn’t rush the learning process- Look for a school that gives all the students proper time and doesn’t run the learning process. Classroom tutorials are important, but behind the wheels training is critical. Not everyone is the same, and some may need more time behind the wheel to master all the driving skills.

Behind-The-Wheel Training Is Thorough- When it comes to driving, theoretical knowledge holds very little importance than practical experience. Always go with a Køreskole Avedøre that has a maximum driving time and offers driving challenges.

Look for individual Instructor- Go for a small class to interact with the tutor personally. In a large group of people, the instructor cannot focus on you individually. Choose a school that has enough hours so that you can clear all your doubts before hitting the road.


Besides choosing a good driving school, it is advisable to pay proper attention to every class and make appropriate notes. Remember your driving skill will affect not only you but also other people who are driving on the road.