How to Buy the Best Ethereum Mining Hardware?


Are you researching Ethereum? Have you checked the latest news and media coverage and explored every single topic that is related to this cryptocurrency nowadays? Do you think that now you are finally ready to start mining?

The Ethereum mining hardware is getting popular among the people, as a result from the cryptocurrency itself growing more and more in the past few months. Mining allows people to make some good money from home. The Ethereum mining rigs are comparatively cost-effective and offer good quality to the users. You can easily invest in a beginner rig or decide to create your device as well.

Whether you want to invest in Ethereum hardware or build your device, all you require is good knowledge on the topic. In this article we have detailed the needed information for you to be well informed in order to be able to buy the best Ethereum mining hardware for your needs.

  • Ethereum mining hardware:

Ethereum mining hardware, a mining rig or an ASIC miner, is specifically designed for the purpose to mine Ethereum. The composition of a mining rig usually resembles that of a personal desktop computer, while the ASIC miners are prebuilt devices.

  • Types of mining rigs:

There are two types of Ethereum mining rigs available, which are based on the processing power of either a processor (CPU) or one or multiple graphics cards (GPU):

  1. CPU:

The CPU-based mining rigs basically use the CPU process to resolve complex algorithms. This type of mining rig used to be a very popular choice for Ethereum miners, however, now it is obsolete.

The downside of the CPU-based rig is that the process of mining is extremely slow, because it might take months or years to show the results.

  1. GPU:

GPU-based mining rig uses graphic cards for mining. GPU mining is superior to CPU-based mining in different aspects and provides the fastest results to the users.

One of the biggest downsides of GPU rigs is that they have a higher cost of investment.

  1. ASIC Miner:

The ASIC miner is a machine, built to mine a specific algorithm. In this case, Ethash is the mining algorithm of Ethereum, so you will need to look for ASIC miners that operate on it. Currently the most powerful and efficient eth asic miner is the linzhi phoenix.

  • Buying a rig:

Buying the best Ethereum mining hardware is one of the biggest challenges for everyone. You can build your system by assembling a mining rig or if you are not tech savvy, you can easily purchase an Ethereum rig or Linzhi from a reliable company.

When you are purchasing Ethereum hardware, make sure you consider three important factors including hash rate, energy consumption, and purchase price. All these things will affect the result and return as well.