How can you make the most of your IKEA furniture


IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, with more than 300 stores around the globe. But if you’ve ever visited one of those stores, it’s clear that IKEA is also a giant factory, filled with rows upon rows of identical-looking products that all look like robots made them. That doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and functional simultaneously, though. With some intelligent thinking and an IKEA hack, you’ll be able to transform your new IKEA purchase into something unique and beautiful.

Paint it

Painting your furniture is a great way to give it a new look while saving money. It’s also pretty easy. With the right supplies, you can have your furniture looking like new in no time.

Begin by selecting the perfect paint for the job. IKEA furniture comes in many different colours, so it’s essential to find one that works with your existing décor and style. Many brands make quality paints designed explicitly for IKEA pieces.

Once you’ve chosen which brand of paint works best for what you want out of this project (for instance, if it’s going to be permanent or if its purpose is purely decorative), make sure that your IKEA hack is performed by a professional. 

Replace parts of it

One of the most popular ways to use IKEA furniture is to replace parts. You can use this trick to turn a dresser into an entertainment centre or make your bookcase look like a media console.

  • Replace drawer with shelf: If you have an old dresser that still has its drawers but wants more surface space, try replacing the top drawer with some shelves. Be sure to choose pieces that are deep enough for what you want them for (such as books), but don’t get too tall; otherwise, they may stick out over the edge of your piece.
  • Replace drawer with box: Similar to replacing a drawer with shelves above, if you’d rather have more storage space than surface area on top, consider choosing larger chests instead of smaller drawers. But remember that these will be deeper than standard drawers, so ensure there’s a room above them.
  • Turn a bookcase into a room divider: A standard-height bookshelf can be the perfect piece of furniture to divide the space in your living room or dining room. Add some plants, candles and art pieces to create an eye-catching display.
  • Create a seating area: Placing two side tables next to each other and placing two chairs in front of them will give you a cosy spot for reading, playing games or having a chat with friends while they put their feet up on the footstool you’ve placed behind them (with one table). This also works well in bedrooms where there isn’t much space available, but if you want somewhere comfortable for guests to sit down when they visit, place an armchair between both small tables instead.
Dress up your storage boxes with pretty fabric

You can’t go wrong with IKEA’s beloved FRAKTA boxes. But to make your storage solution stand out, you’ll want to dress it up. Use a fabric that matches your room decor or complements your style, and make sure it’s easy to clean. This way, even if you don’t love the box’s colour when you get it home from the store, you can change up the look later on when (or if) you tire of it.

You also must ensure your storage solution is durable enough for years of use. Since most people aren’t using their FRAKTA boxes as regular furniture pieces or treat them as such, more delicate material like velvet may not hold up well over time in this capacity.

Custom-designed for your home

IKEA furniture is a great choice for your home because it’s inexpensive and easy to assemble, but sometimes you need a little more. In this case, the IKEA hacks are here to save the day!

With some clever IKEA hack ideas, you can turn any piece of IKEA furniture into something that looks custom designed for your home. You can use the furniture parts to create a new piece altogether.