Gemstone certification and the reasons for their importance


The concept of gemstone certification ends up evaluating a stone based on numerous quality parameters. It is being established by the gem industry to figure out the quality along with other characteristics of numerous gemstones. The expert normally goes on to verify or examine the minor details of the stone. Then they might go on to issue a detailed report and it is subject to the conclusion of the inspection of the gemstone. In any case the report is issued by the gemstone expert or a gemmologist, and a certification report is presented. Such a report goes on to mention all the characteristics along with certifications which a certified trained gem expert goes on to evaluate.

The reasons why certification works out to be important

First and foremost you need to have an idea why gemstone certification is essential in the first place. The main reason for the same is due to the presence of numerous fake gemstone dealers when they sell coloured or a synthetic gemstone. Hence it would be essential to restrict such form of fake practices that is going to examine and conduct a research about various aspects of the stone like colour, shape, chemical treatments or composition.

Then you are handed a report that incorporates all the details about the stone It would be fair to say that the report goes on to contain minute details. A client who is looking to purchase a gemstone should always opt for certified dealers as they can trust their purchase. In fact the examination is undertaken by a trained gem expert. They are going to conduct a detailed inspection on various parameters and certify the gemstone. How successful the stone is dependent upon the parameters you evaluate the stone.

The difficult part is that every seller in the market goes on to claim that they sell certified gemstones. Though there are hardly a few of them in the market that ends up selling the pure version of the gemstones.

Purchasing certified stone

When you are purchasing a gemstone the customer should place their trust on a specific seller who is bound to provide them certification. Yes it works out to be a fact which is issued by the third party. Merely certifying a stone would not be enough as a seller might adopt a bias approach as their objective is to sell stones.

Hence the third party certification is going to hold a lot of importance, and it is necessary for a customer to rely on third party certification. In fact if the gemstone is certified by a third party lab, then the vendor can go on to claim in details about the quality of the stone. It is all about figuring out the fact whether the price aligns with the quality of the gemstone. It is going to explain in details each and everything about the gemstone. In fact it is going to show exactly whether the gemstone commands the price that you cough up for the same.

The cut of gemstones

It is not about diamonds the cut of every gemstone appears to be a tinge different. With the aid of the cut it goes on to enhance the feature of the gemstone and has an impact on the brightness. Every gemstone is cut in a different way. An example would be an ideal way for opal is going to be a rounded and a smooth surface and it is not a sapphire symmetrical facet that might end up providing it with a radiant look.

The weight of the gemstones

The weight of the gemstones is measured in carats and that is similar to diamonds that goes to follow the pattern of diamond cuts. In fact the specific gravity or the density of the stone does have a bearing on its weight. If the diamond, ruby or a sapphire and all of them is cut in the same way might be having different weights. Hence it is better to choose a gemstone by your own preferences.

The colour of the gemstone

The colour of the gemstone tends to look best when you observe it under lights. Among all thins colour is a crucial aspect to check before you go on to purchase a gemstone. If there is a difference in the colour it is bound to evolve on the structure of the stone along with the impurities it is going to contain. Just a simple change in the atomic structure and there is going to be a change in the colour of the stone. So make sure that you check out the colour with the specialist before you go on to choose the gemstone.

Be it precious or non- precious stone

In the modern times each and everything is bound to have a replica. It really makes sense to have an idea about the stone that you are planning to purchase. Though there are four types of stone that fall in the precious category and in the semi- precious category there are numerous other type of stones as well.

Numerous practices emerge when it comes to the treatment of gemstones as you can go on to substitute it with synthetic or other forms. A wide range of treatments emerge to enhance the quality along with the treatment of gemstones. Be it from bleaching to surface coating or laser drilling the list of treatment is long and endless. So before you are purchasing a gemstone check all the procedures.

To conclude purchase of a gemstone might not seem to be a straight forward task as it might seem. There are lot of fakes out in the market and it is better to avail the services of experts. Mr Pankaj Khanna is one name that deserves a lot of accolades and he has been selling government certified gemstones for the last 30 years. A visit to his website Khanna gems is going to provide a comprehensive view about him. Even he is available for a one on one consultation.