Facial Masks: From Homemade to High-End


When your complexion needs a little burst of nutrients and your mind needs a moment to relax and forget about the day, it’s time to look into the benefits of facial masks. From homemade to high-end boutique skincare lines, facial serum can take that glow from healthy to vibrant. Below are two examples of facial toner. The first you can make at home and only takes a few minutes. The other you can buy from a high-end natural skincare line! Enjoy!

Homemade Coffee Mask

Homemade facial masks are a quick, easy, and cheap way to give yourself and your skin a treat. There are many different facial cleansers you can make with natural ingredients, many of which you can find right in your kitchen. Fruits, vegetables, milk, and honey are all ingredients to add to homemade acne cleansers that are full of nutrients and can be applied directly to your skin. There are other natural ingredients that you may not think of that can be used as face toner as well.

This product also contains turmeric and neem. Skin toner with these natural acids keep bacteria at bay and purifies the pores, making sure not to build up cause’s acne. Acne cleansers are great tools for exfoliation, and you will find gentle clays and walnut powder listed as ingredients in this treatment. When the mask dries, it doubles as a scrub! After it sits on your skin for 10-15 minutes, add a bit of water and massage the mask gently around your face. Using a facial mask that removes dead skin cells and brings new ones to the surface will give you a radiant complexion!

One of these things is coffee.

Coffee is the perfect natural ingredient for skin toner treating redness or blotches of skin. All skin types can struggle with this problem, either from sun exposure, irritation, or acne. Some facial masks are complex and contain several steps, but the recipe and directions for this treatment are simple. First, brew a strong cup of coffee, and let it sit and cool until it is lukewarm. Next, soak a cotton ball in the coffee and apply it to your clean face and throat. Relax and let the coffee work on your skin for 10-15 minutes. After rinsing the mask off, you will find your skin to be less red and have more of an even tone and texture. This is because coffee constricts open blood vessels which helps decrease the appearance of redness. It is also a mild diuretic, reducing the fluid buildup that causes skin to look swollen.

Face cleansers don’t get much easier or more effective than this!

Aspara’s Krishna Sandalwood Facial Mask

Natural skin care lines like Aspara go above and beyond to create facial toner for you with nourishing ingredients and no unnecessary additives. If it’s relaxation and deep cleansing you’re looking for, this mask will hit the spot. The primary ingredient is sandalwood, which has been used in Ayurvedic treatments for centuries. Its aroma will relax and soothe you, bringing down stress that can cause breakouts or aggravated skin. Facial serum containing sandalwood also has balancing and detoxifying effects. Sandalwood will remove impurities while helping your skin find its own natural balance in oil production and hydration.

Glowing and Radiant Skin

Everyone wants glowing skin. You know that vibrant, natural bronze skin that all the celebrities seem to have. While it is true that celebrities wear makeup to make their skin super glow, there are a few steps that make the finished product what it is.


The process of removing dead skin cells to reveal new, healthy ones. The result is super soft skin that is smooth to the touch. By using exfoliating products, you can skip makeup. This is because exfoliating clean and opens your pores, making your skin less prone to acne.

There are many ways to exfoliate the body. Exfoliating body washes are very popular. These body washes are grainy and do an excellent job at making skin radiant and smooth. The only downside to these body washes is that you may be too tired in the morning to scrub your body. These body washes are also harder to rinse off because the grainy particles stick to your body.

Exfoliating gloves make it effortless to exfoliate when in the shower. Exfoliating gloves are usually white and are slightly rough to the touch. When showering, you simply slip them on, loather up with moisturizing body wash, and scrub your body. When scrubbing, it is best to apply some pressure without being too rough. Certain areas, like the elbows and knees, should be scrubbed more fervently. Exfoliating gloves can be used every few days or once a week for maximum benefits. Your skin should feel silky, smooth afterward.