Here at Moreno, we make every treat special for our guests.

Moreno pledges to create memories with every bite the guests take. Filled with amazing delicacies, our menu promises to fulfil the desire of every taste bud because we have a wide range of variety in our menu. Visit Moreno Cuban Bakery today. This place is a well blend of vintage style with amazing food. Looking to visit the old lanes again? Come drop by this bakery and relieve the amazing experience. This bakery is totally photogenic which adds to the fact that it creates memories. Every trip with friends and family needs to be framed or freezed in a picture and a better location will add to it, right? Who doesn’t like to share their happy moments on their social media handle? This place just amplifies the whole experience of hangouts and family time with good food and amazing ambience. Good food equals good mood equals fun and lots of feel-good moments. What’s more? This place has every little thing to make their customers happy. Serving smiles and happiness with every meal without even asking for it. The place is clean, amazing and beautiful, what else we need for a perfect hangout and a quality time!

Moreno’s Cuba showcases an amazing and eclectic style where the vintage Miami bonds with old Havana. The rustic old-world woods, a 60’s stylish old throwback bar add charm to the place which really feels amazing. It is a feel-good place for sure. The charm of this place and the amazing food we serve makes Moreno’s Cuba a special place to celebrate or spend quality time or have a casual hangout place. This place serves the finest mojitos, Cuban style cigars and every culinary ethos based around the cuban classics. A delicious bite combined with a refreshing mojito, perfect music, moody lighting, makes this place so special. This place promises to serve satisfaction in every order. This place is traditional yet modern for all. The culture can be seen in food, servings and service. You order something and you receive happiness for free.

The moreno’s cafe and cocktail lounge concept is basically inspired from pure Havana speakeasy. Every delicacy served in this cafe has the quintessential cuban fare without say. Some of the dishes from the menu can be listed as follows. These are some of the best sellers. Tostones habaneros, tacubas, empanadas, ceviche varadero, cuban sampler, ropa vieja and pulled pork are some of the amazing dishes to try from the specialty menu. Join the dining space for lunch and dinner and every moment stays memorable. Next time you visit Miami for a vacay, don’t forget to drop by Moreno’s for lunch or dinner. Once you start having food from Moreno’s, there’s no going back. The exotic drinks just add value to the time spent. It’s soothing, refreshing and amazing. Try the wide range of drinks from the 60’s bar and enjoy the time of your life. Explore Moreno’s menu today!