Discover Your Passion for Tabla: Learn to Play this Instrument with Tabla Classes Online


Tabla is a well-known hand drum instrument on the Indian subcontinent. It is a very significant part of Indian music. If you want to learn tabla but don’t have time due to a hectic schedule, consider taking online tabla classes. You may learn the tabla- playing techniques from the comfort of your own home by watching videos or attending live courses. Firstly, you need to own a pair of tabla before you start your classes.

How to Play Tabla?

Tabla is being played with the help of fingers. The membrane creates different sounds depending on the different strokes of fingers.  In musical language when the strokes are played in phrases, they are called bols.

The strokes can be played with:

  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • Both hands.

Your mentor over online classes would teach you how to place the fingers and create the sound of bols.

Things You Will Be Taught For Online Tabla Classes

While you learn tabla online, you will be introduced with the instrument at first. Detailed knowledge about the left and right drum would be given. Also you will be taught how to tighten the strings of tabla for high/low pitch.

Besides, you need to have an idea about your sitting style and placement of the tabla too. These are very important things to proceed to further classes.

Benefits of online table classes lesson

No doubt, online tabla classes are beneficial in numerous ways. Many people say that learning such an instrument face to face with your mentor is much better. But when time is a challenge yet you have a passion for learning it, then online classes are the best choices.

  1. Learning Tabla Online

Beginners and expert students both can benefit from tabla lessons online. Geographic barriers are easily bypassed by taking online lessons. Online classes can enable you to learn from your favourite mentor no matter where you are in the globe.

2. Support Videos for Lessons

Another great reason to opt for online lessons are the recorded videos. They are quite helpful while you are practising later after classes. You can follow them again and again. Well, that is not available for face-to-face classes.

3. Advanced Course

Select lessons based on your stage of learning. Several people may have learned the fundamentals but were unable to progress. Online lessons, in particular, are ideal for such students who want to continue studying despite their busy schedule.

How to select a reputable and effective online tabla class?

Picking online tabla classes might be difficult. With so many alternatives available online, it might be difficult to pick one that is suitable. Consequently, we’ve compiled a few pointers to assist you in selecting the best music school.

  • Reviews of the music schools– what people are saying about the school is an important Learn the feedback of the students and choose.
  • Details of the course– tabla learning takes up time and crash courses are not possible. So, don’t fall into the trap of “learn tabla in 1 month” or such other attractive call to actions.
  • Check out the student mentor ratio – A large group may not be suitable for online classes. 1:1 is the best If not available, always make sure you choose small groups of maximum 3 or 4 students for 1 mentor.

Learning from free YouTube videos, interaction may not be possible. But when you are learning from any music school, surely interaction with a mentor is possible. Besides interacting over classes, it is also possible to connect through messages too. Remember, smaller the group, better interaction is possible.


When you have the right desire, there are always ways to accomplish it. If you have that passion for tabla or want to learn it, you can do it from anywhere and at any time through online. Therefore, don’t lose time and enrol in a reputable tabla online school to begin the session.