Customer Guide: How to choose the best web design company


The use of the internet and online buying is increasing day by day. With 87% of buyers starting their online shopping journey, it is easy to understand the importance of a website in today’s business scenario.

When you decide to create a website for your business, the first thing which comes under consideration is to hire a web designer. As expected there are lots of web design companies available throughout the world, especially in the cities which are considered IT hubs. Among these web design companies in Bangalore, you must select the one which fulfils the need of your business and that too at a reasonable cost. Following are a few tips to choose the best web design Company suitable according to your purpose and requirement.

Narrowing down the needs and goals

Before you look for any web design company, you must have a clear concept of the needs and goals of your website. Accordingly, you must narrow down the features you want your website to have. Your website is nothing but your marketing tool and hence it is essential to have the right feature as per the requirement.

Prime Goals

  • The website should create leads for the business.
  • The website should be able to sync with the existing CRM software used in your Company.
  • It should be able to integrate with the tool used for marketing automation.
  • It must be linked with the platform used for e-mail marketing in your Company.
  • It must have the features to collect donations and as well as one-time or, recurring payments.
  • It should have the feature to allow customers to fill up and submit feedback forms.

Needs/Features required

  • The website must be user-friendly.
  • The content published on the website should be SE optimised.
  • The pages must be optimised for conversion.
  • The website should have functional e-commerce features.
  • The online feedback forms must be secured.
  • The website should maintain the HTTPS protocol and SSL certified.

Research internationally

When you have cleared the idea about the goal and needs of your website, it is time to look for the right web design company. Try to expand your research not only nationwide but also internationally. In today’s modern world distance is not a barrier to receive quality service. With applications like zoom, Skype or, Google Meet, it is possible to arrange a meeting from any corner of the world at the glimpse of an eye.


Company Review 

The three main aspects to be reviewed while choosing a web design agency are experience, portfolio, and the organisation’s culture. These can give you an overall idea about the way your project shall be handled.


Check the following points to be ensured about the Company’s experience,

  • The age of the Company. Check whether they are renowned or just a start-up.
  • Check any previously designed website related to your industry.
  • Check if the websites designed by them are getting desired results.
  • Check if the websites designed by them have all the features required by you.


The Company portfolio will give you exposure to their experience in the industry, creativity in their ideas, their coding capabilities, and design practices followed by them. Check the following points,

  • The websites designed by them are mobile-friendly.
  • The latest trends of web design are followed by the agency.
  • The similarity between the websites designed by them.

Organisation Culture

To get an overall idea about the Company’s culture, you can do the following steps,

  • Social Media checking.
  • Reviewing their blogs and team pages.
  • Checking their local community involvement.

Online Review of the Company

Besides portfolio, read the online reviews on them available on websites like Google, Yelp, Quora, and Facebook. Look for testimonials written by their clients.

Hope this article helps you to choose the best web design company as per your needs.