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Cowin Shows Slots Available for Second Dose For 18+ Category for Covishield Vaccine, Citizens Baffled

Cowin has displayed the availability of slots for the second dose of Covishield vaccine for the 18+ Category, which has confused several citizens trying to book appointments through the platform. While it is currently unknown if it is a glitch in the system, several private and government-designated centers have displayed the availability of such slots. Considering the fact that the Government of India opened up slots for those in the 18 to 44 age group only on 1 May, none in the category would be eligible to receive the second dose.

“Apollo Jayanagar 560011 slots are available for the second covid vaccine dose for 18+. How is that possible? Is it a scam or mistake?  Second dose for 18+, how is that possible?” asks Rajni Kant on Twitter. “The vaccination for 18+ opened from 1st May! What is the point of opening for the 2nd dose on 17th May? That too for Covishield who’s the second dose should be taken after 12 weeks!” says Ambalika Saha.

Recently, the Government of India said that the Covishield gap for the second dose had been increased from 12 to 16 weeks. “cowin login portal shows doses for Dose 2 for 18+. With the new stipulation of 84 days between doses for Covishield, and considering that 18+ started vaccinations only from May 1, it would be better to start Dose 2 allocation after June 23 or so!” says Vijayanand Venkataraman, CFA.

Upon verification, it was found that several such slots have opened up in Delhi as well. Currently, there are slots available in the Dr. BL Kapur Hospital for the second dose of the Covishield vaccine for the 18 Plus category.

While the Government of India is yet to respond to this development, citizens above 18 who are yet to book vaccine appointments for the first dose are of the view that they need to be prioritized. “Seeing slots on Cowin for Bangalore BBMP for the second dose for 18+ category. There were 44 slots left at around 5 pm in one of the Apollo centers. I mean, who are the 56 who took the shot, and what’s the point of this exercise? It started only on 1st May. No one needs 2nd dose now,” says one such beneficiary.

“Is there any glitch in Cowin App? Private hospitals opened vaccination for 18+ only from May. Before that, I don’t know how they have opened booking for Covishield second for 18+? I’m not able to book for dose 1, which shows as green, and while booking it doesn’t show up since it’s dose 1,” says Mini.


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