How to Choose the Best ERP Company for Business


There are so many solutions providers that claim to be the best ERP in Pakistan. With such a huge variety of choices, it is quite confusing for a company planning to adopt ERP in Pakistan. Before implementing ERP in Pakistan, companies should ensure their requirements are fulfilled. Some of the features that are necessary in ERP system in this country are mentioned below.

One of the biggest advantages of ERP is the involvement of third party suppliers that can provide different functionalities. For an ERP implementation to succeed, a proper channel has to be created between the business and suppliers of ERP. This will avoid the gap in service that may develop as the result of integrations. When vendors support the project from the start, there will be a minimum possibility of problems cropping up at a later stage.

A proper planning is required to make ERP an effective tool in the business. The planning should include the aim and objectives of the company, the present scenario, and the future expectations of the company. This will enable the company to understand and analyze the needs better and design an ERP process that will meet its requirements. This will also help the company to understand the key priorities of the organization and how they will be fulfilled through an ERP implementation.

Purpose of ERP Software

Planning involves defining the purpose of ERP, describing the processes involved, identifying the sources for resources, analyzing the costs involved, creating action plans, evaluating the benefits of the process and identifying the threats that may hamper its success. This planning should be a continuous process and reviewed periodically to make necessary changes and improvements. When planning ERP in Pakistan, companies should create an ERP sprint plan that clearly defines the scope of each sprint. This will facilitate planning and expedite the process. It will also make the process more efficient.

Once the planning is complete and implemented, companies must then set up the ERP system that will integrate all the functions. Some companies prefer to outsource this process to some companies prefer to build the ERP themselves to save cost. There are many companies in Pakistan that offer ERP solutions but not all of them have extensive experience in the field of ERP. If you are planning to buy ERP software, you must choose a company that has extensive experience in process improvement.

Evaluate the Performance:

After ERP has been implemented, the company must constantly evaluate its performance. To achieve excellence in ERP system, the company needs to regularly measure its performance and must make necessary changes. One such measure is the change management process. The company should identify the problems and challenges that have been faced and work on those. To measure progress and performance of the company in process improvement, performance and customer satisfaction surveys should be conducted periodically. A company in Pakistan that offers ERP solutions but lacks a process improvement methodology or the required training is of little use.

What Company Need Having ERP:

The company’s knowledge and expertise in managing the software are very much essential. It is not sufficient to adopt a process improvement methodology. The company needs to have a process map that clearly delineates the process steps and its objectives. The objective should be what you expect to get from the software. If your expectation is not fulfilled, it’s not going to work out. You must thoroughly analyze your company’s processes to know exactly what you need to do.

You must check whether the company provides training for process and project management. The organization also needs to have the capability to collaborate with other departments apart from just management itself. These things are vital if you are looking for the best ERP Company in Pakistan.