Causes, Symptoms & Treatments of Dry Eyes


Eyes are our gateway to the external world. The eyes are the body’s most highly complex sensory organ. Roughly  80 percent of the information we collect every day comes out of our sensory system. It is one of the vital elements of learning which facilitates development and growth. There’s a famous expression, “Eyes Are the Windows to The Soul,” meaning the profound connection that you may feel or develop by simply looking into another’s eyes. It’s one of the greatest mediums which people use for expressing feelings and a broad selection of surfaces.

However, there are natural conditions that can hamper our eyes’ normal operation; one such illness is Dry Eye. This is a  common eye ailment where the eyelids can’t produce an adequate amount of oily tears. This can cause inflammation and can be harmful over the long term.

In most cases, the principal cause of dry eyes is that the lack of adequate tear production or increased evaporation of watery liquids.

  • Natural Aging
  • Low hormonal level/ menopausal
  • Side Effects of certain medications ( Psychotropic  meds)
  • Certain Diseases ( Thyroid disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Bells Palsy )
  • Requirements that don’t allow your eyelids to be shut

Symptoms Dry Eye

For many of these symptoms,  not need to worry. Generally, your Best Eye Doctor in New York, Eye Doctor Westchester Ny recommends using artificial tears and minor behavioral alterations ( using humidifiers in your home, limiting exposures to forced air – strong air condition or heat, sleeping with an eye mask after instilling over the counter gel-based artificial tears, etc..) that may significantly reduce dry eye symptoms. If these treatments are not sufficient,  there  are multiple treatment procedures and option still available  and the most common are as follows:

  • Lacrimal Punctul Plugs
  • Medications ( Restasis, Xidra, Omega 3 Vitamins
  • Surgery – Reserved for Unique Cases ( Cauterization of Tear Duction, Ectropion Repair, Tarsaraphy Repair, etc)

Lacrimal Punctal Plugs

 This is the most common therapy after artificial tears. If you find yourself constantly using artificial

tears, then this is an excellent solution. These plugs are used to obstruct the tear ducts ( drainage holes at the corners of your eyes). This quick and painless placement is done at  the doctors office ). Based upon your seriousness, it may be a temporary or a permanent solution.

Medications — Restasis and Xidra are eye drops medication, requiring a prescription from your eye doctor Best Ophthalmologist NYC or your local

eye doctor. These groups of medications are the most prescribed medicine for dry eye syndrome. They are eyelid anti-inflammatory drug that increases tears flow.

Surgery — This process is for severe dry eye syndrome by unique medical conditions. If there are structural issues with your eyelid position or if there is extreme severe dryness, your eye physician may recommend surgery.

Final Words

If you suffer from Dry Eyes, don’t suffer in silence. It’s is usually very treatable. You have to consult an Eye Doctor Ossining, Eye Doctor Yorktown Eye Doctor Peekskill or your top or Best Eye Doctor near me or your top local ophthalmologist, which can help keep your eyes moist and working optimally.