Can masks prevent the transmission of COVID-19?


It’s been more than a year since the World has started fighting this war of Covid-19 virus. Looking at the state of unrest and chaos everywhere, especially in India, one can perhaps call it a biological World War. Every single day, we the people of India are struggling constantly to catch hold of so many healthcare requirements which would save lives. 

The situation is dire and so the requirements to control further spread of the novel coronavirus is of the utmost importance. No matter what, one should now make it a habit to put on the mask and then step out of their homes, if at all they do. A lot of people might be wondering, can the masks prevent the transmission of this virus? Well, this question arising in your mind is quite evident. 

According to the Scientists, in a community, if 80% of people dedicatedly wear a mask while going out then there will not be any need for repeated lockdowns for breaking virus chains. Now you know how crucial it is for humans to keep the masks on, for the safety of everyone. 

Stepping out for a quick grocery shopping? Wear your outdoor mask as it will help in preventing any contact with the infections outside. Our eyes, mouth and nose are the most vulnerable organs through which transmission can very well take place. Therefore, keep these places covered at all times and do not expose yourself much. Go out only if it is extremely necessary otherwise all your other work can either be done online nowadays or later. 

Your masks of course steal the show of protecting you from the virus but there are other factors also which would prevent the spread rigorously. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, it is advisable to keep sanitizers whenever you go out. Even for the smallest of things, washing your hands with soap solution and water for at least 20 seconds is recommended. 

So, masks can control the transmission of the virus. The factors are mentioned as follows: 

  • As human beings, we are used to touching our faces, eyes, etc. Maybe there is an itching or burning sensation due to which we need to put our hands on the face to look for it and prevent it. This touching is looked after when we wear a face mask. The mask protects the germs or viruses that may be present in our hands from getting transmitted to our sense organs thereby stopping the growth of any infection in our body. 
  • The safety mask that we use helps us at those crowded places which we cannot avoid, like railway stations, banks, and hospitals in India. Though social distancing is one of the key rules of the Covid-19 Pandemic, in a lot of places this practice fails due to the massive population that our country has. In such cases, the mask helps in curbing the spread of the Covid-19 virus and flattens the curve. 
  • Wearing masks promotes respiratory hygiene, therefore along with SARS-CoV-2, other infections are also prevented from getting into our body by stopping the growth of any such virus. 
  • Medical science is very advanced and proof enough that when the droplets of cough or sneeze fall on the surface of a mask, the mask’s composition helps in preventing the escalation of such viruses. 

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