Biometrics: Security at the tip of fingers


With a shift in nature of operation in government and private organizations in terms of storage, documentation, transactions, etc. security has been identified as a sector of major concern. With more and more things moving towards the internet or more generically, computer security has become a vital area to look upon especially when hackers and crackers are seen increasing exponentially.

The requirement of a full-proof security system is inevitable in today’s world. Most of the systems designed to protect us can be surpassed by hackers, for an instance, your Facebook account can be accessed by simply resetting your password. That sure is not a simple thing to do but the total elimination of a breach of security is not there.

Passwords can also be known by several other methods such as:

1) Phishing: In this method hackers send people an E-mail slandering them that their social media account or their bank account may be blocked. Thereby, asking for sensitive credentials by directing them to a link that has the same login interface as any other authentic website. People out of fear give away their information. And this information is store on the server of these hackers and their account gets hacked.

2) Key-logging: While this method doesn’t require the hackers to ask for information but this method is still more stealthy. In this method whatever you type on your phone or computer is being continuously recorded; every key that you have pressed. To avoid getting tricked by this way one should only use their phone or computer to do such coveted works. But if need be they can still do it on other systems but only after ensuring that there is nothing fishy.

All the above methods can trick and harm you only if your password is known. Password is something that if someone knows they can access anything on behalf of you. Passwords of two people can be the same thus creating problems.

For all the above solutions there is a one-stop solution biometric system. Biometric systems are full proof secured. The chances of hacking a biometric system are close to zilch. Because there are no text passwords involved. The body of the man is the password his fingerprints, iris scan, facial pattern, etc. Also, there is no scope of duplicity as people with the same fingerprints are found 1 among millions.

Biometric enrolment can be done by several individual methods or by a combination of other methods depending upon the requirement of the client and the prescribed level of security.

Different layers of security in biometrics system are as under:

1) Fingerprint: No two people in the world have the same fingerprints. So breaching this sort of security would be next to impossible.

2) Iris scan: It scans the retina of the person concerned. Good luck to hackers finding two people with the same retina. Besides, how does one find the other for the same retina that’s not possible.

3) Facial recognition: This layer might be a bit controversial as people can duplicate each other’s faces with intense makeup. But this method too isn’t a cakewalk to breach.

So we have seen what the layers of security are and the chances of penetration. Now a security system with all these layers protected is very difficult to crack.

There are different biometric software companies available in the market to get these security systems installed easily at your home or office.