Best Games to Play in Metaverse


MMORPG ‘War and Conquer’ based on BSC and the Unity game engine, Magic Craft is one of the best metaverse games to play. Magic Craft’s P2E and free-to-play modes are both unique features of the game.

Magic Craft has the potential to challenge the likes of World of Warcraft and League of Legends in terms of scope and playability. When it comes to MMORPGs, Magic Craft Metaverse stands out because of its usage of blockchain technology, which gives it a distinct advantage over other games.

Here, the user’s primary goal is to form alliances with other players and wage war against competing clans. The Elders erected seven impressive castles around the world. Clans compete each week for control of the Castles, and the winners get taxes from the empire as a reward.

Users get $MCRT tokens and other in-game stuff when they win fights, and the level of the participating Heroes also rises as a result. The more prominent one is on the Leaderboard, the more perks one receives. For $MCRT rewards, players may wager their Heroes, their weaponry, or their armour. 

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The Atlas of the Stars

An open-world strategic MMORPG based on the Solana blockchain, called Star Atlas. 3D interstellar universe driven by Unreal Engine’s NANITE may be experienced in virtual reality by the game’s players (VR).

In Star Atlas, players are in charge of piloting spacecraft in search of asteroids and planets. They must ‘stake’ claims on the assets,’mine, refine, and exchange’ them with other players after finding them.

Players may engage in ship-to-ship combat and loot other players’ ships to get access to valuable resources. They can also trade raw and processed ore, transport freight, and manufacture retail components related to mining.

The spaceship’s exterior and interior may be seen in the basic exploring mode. First-person cockpit view may also be used by players to control their spacecraft. For virtual reality games, this vision provides a more immersive experience.

New players begin in a remote area of the world, where they may search for assets by scanning the stars in the distance. The larger the payout, the greater the danger, and players might lose all of their hard-earned money..


Combat in Treeverse is MOBA-style (multiplayer online battle arena) between characters in a fantasy MMORPG. Treeverse is being constructed as the “Runescape of Blockchain Games,” as its inventor, Loopify, said in his statement.

Treeverse was inspired by Loopify’s NFT project NFTrees, which was introduced in February of this year. NFTrees is a collection of 420 pixelated trees that were created in a random fashion. Since then, Treeverse has evolved into a social media alternative in the virtual world based on this initial notion.

A simple MMO in which players could talk and explore the open-world الميتافيرسas avatars was Treeverse’s beginning. Founder’s Plots (the virtual world’s plots) may be purchased as NFTs. Due to the free mint given to NFTree holders, the metaverse will be able to mint 10,000 extra plots for 0.125 ETH each on August 1st 2021. These were all minted in a matter of minutes.