All you need to know about cake smash photography in Melbourne


There are many different types of photography out there, and cake smash photography is one of the fastest-growing trends in Melbourne. Melbourne is known for its natural beauty, parks and gardens, and inner-city laneways teeming with hipster culture. There’s no denying the unique drawcard of this great city. A cake smash is about your baby’s first birthday, an important milestone in every child’s life. 

The trend of cake smash photography in Melbourne

Cake smash photography in Melbourne is a trend that has caught on among parents. Melbourne’s professional cake smash photography services use a controlled and safe set-up that caters to the needs of infants and toddlers.

This form of photography has evolved from the traditional baby photo shoot, which often focuses on sitting still and smiling at the camera. Cake smash photography in Melbourne allows children to get involved with the process, including smashing cake all over themselves!

How to choose the right cake for your baby’s cake smash?

Choosing a cake that your baby will enjoy, even if they don’t eat it is essential. You should avoid choosing a cake with sharp edges or one too hard for them to bite into. A good option is an allergen-free cake as it is softer and can be cut with relative ease by the photographer, so less mess is made of your precious images!

Another thing you must consider when choosing the right cake for your baby’s smash session is how messy it will be. Many parents are concerned about this, but the truth is that most cakes do not make much of a mess at all! Most babies won’t even get very dirty since they cannot reach their face until around six months old (and then only if held).

A great solution would be picking out something like a vanilla sponge cake instead; it’s easy for them both to eat and less messy too!

What should your baby wear for the cake smash shoot?

Make sure your outfit is comfortable, easy to clean and not too big or too small. Make sure it’s also light enough. If your baby is wearing something with a hood, make sure they can’t get the hood over their head while they’re eating cake!

The best choice for your baby will likely be their birthday suit (which can be great if they’re happy to be naked!), but it is often recommended to wear something like a onesie as long as it’s not too tight around their neck or face.

Make sure you take these pictures.

This is where you get to smash the cake, so make sure you wear something you are okay with getting messy. If you want to avoid getting messy, bring a change of clothes. Also, be careful not to knock over any candles!

Once the cake has been smashed, our photographers will arrange it to make it look like they have been shot in a studio environment. The best way of doing this is by using white backdrops behind and around your child so that everything else blends into them and creates an even background for all the images taken throughout the session.

Embellishments and Decorations

You might wonder what you should use to decorate your cake smash session. You want it to look nice, but you also want to ensure that everything is safe for babies.

  • Make sure that the decorations are non-toxic and safe for children.
  • Avoid using glitter, as it can get in the baby’s eyes and cause irritation or infection.
  • When choosing candles, ensure they are short enough, so no one has to bend over them or get too close when lighting them up.

Cake smash photography is a fun and creative way to capture your child’s first birthday. You will have many memories to look back on for years, and the photos will allow you to relive those moments again.