7 Ways to Advertise Your Bed and Breakfast


Bed and breakfasts were once referred to as establishments that featured shabby old décor and a stern faced old hostess. This image has however been shaken off. BnBs are quickly becoming the accommodation of choice for travelers trying to find economical establishments that provide an excellent experience.

Setting up a bed and breakfast is not any easy fit. there’s tons of diligence involved in ensuring that the establishment will meet the expectation of guests. When the task of fixing is everywhere, many B&B owners are tempted to take a seat back and await the guests to flock in.

Once you recognize your key selling points and understand your clientele, you’ll now get thinking about different advertising methods. Below are a number of the foremost effective ways to urge the message about your B&B bent as many of us as possible.


  1. Your own website

Websites are getting an important a part of any business today and bed and breakfasts are not any different. Many consumers today use the web to look for information. they will access information about products and services from PCs and mobile devices once they need it. Having an internet site gives your B&B the web presence it must reach internet users.

There are many benefits to having your own website as against counting on online listings:

You can share more information about your B&B on your website. many of us wish to get the maximum amount information as possible about the place before booking. you’ll share pictures, experiences of former guests and concepts through your website. you’ll give prospective guests a taste of your establishment and convince them to undertake it out.

Having an internet site for your B&B makes it more credible. many of us are more willing to believe an institution that has taken the time to make and maintain an internet site than in one that doesn’t.

You can reach people everywhere the world. Websites are limitless in their potential to succeed in audiences round the world.

Be sure to incorporate the power to see room availability online from your website. Make it workable for imminent customers to book and make installments online too.many of us appreciate the convenience of online transactions.


  1. Travel websites

One of the best things about online marketing today is that there are websites which will actually do the marketing for you. Travel websites feature places that folks can stay and supply a chance for you to advertise your B&B. Examples include Places and EventsKayak, Yapta, Which Budget and lots of others.


  1. Online directories

These are websites that concentrate on providing listings for B&Bs in given areas. Such websites function even as traditional telephone directories do. make certain to incorporate detailed contact information, a link to your website for those that want to find out more about your B&B, a pleasant description and a few photos. Examples include Bed and Breakfast and BnB Finder.


  1. Pay Per Click advertising

Google AdWords is one among the foremost effective ways to advertise online for little and enormous businesses alike. you merely got to identify the foremost relevant keywords and buy ads around those keywords in order that your B&B ads can appear on relevant search results pages.

You possibly pay when somebody taps on one among your adverts.the great thing with PPC and Google AdWords specifically is that the majority of the people that see your ads have an interest in what you’ve got to supply. Therefore quite number of the clicks will end during a booking.


  1. Get quality ratings

People trust establishments that are rated by accredited schemes. (tweetthis) you should consequently endeavor to be evaluated by a perceived expert around there or globally. Although it is often difficult to realize a high rating, it’ll be well worth the effort when guests start flocking to your B&B. The new Foursquare is ideal example of how good ratings can drive guests to your establishment.


  1. Customer reviews

Whenever people want to get or invest in something, they typically search for others who have done so before during a bid to seek out what their experience was like. The case is not any different with accommodation. People wish to hear about the experiences of other guests before they will make a choice.

Encourage your guests to write down reviews about your B&B with the name mentioned in the review (Nest and Rest Guesthouse). Make it easy for them to try to so by leaving compliment cards within the rooms or other creative ways. Reviews on websites like Trip Advisor, go an extended way in establishing your brand within the online market.


  1. Social media

If haven’t invested in social media marketing yet, you need to do so as soon as you’re done reading this. Social media has proved to be a dominant force within the world of online marketing. Numerous shoppers today invest larger part of their energy online via web-based media stages. If you would like to access this market, you’ve got to form yourself available on an equivalent platforms.


Create profiles for your B&B on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Keep updating your profiles with information that your prospective clients are likely to require an interest in. you’ll advertise special packages, discounts and other offers that you simply have at different times of the year.


There are some ways to advertise your bed and breakfast. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. However, combining different methods will end in a highly effective marketing strategy.