7 Reason why you’re Air Conditioner Running but Not Cooling the House


The functioning of an air conditioner is a bit complicated. Your brand new LG air conditioner can often give you a shock with malfunctioning. The reason might be a very casual one. They’re either faulty installation or poor maintenance. So, don’t panic when your AC stops working. Check out whether your air conditioner is facing these problems:


Check Out Your Disconnect Switch

It’s often “little things” that lead to more significant troubles. When your air conditioner stops cooling your house, always check the disconnect switch. Maybe the switch hasn’t been turned on, or it has been turned off mistakenly. This happens when you place your AC in your garage or attic. Always keep an eye on such small things. They can save you from big troubles before any other troubleshooting check that these trivial things are okay. It can save you from significant difficulties. 



If your ac starts malfunctioning suddenly, check the battery of the thermostat. The battery of the thermostat is probably dead. What to do at such a moment? Simply switch them out. If the screen is blank and you don’t know the reason, charge the batteries. Don’t take a giant leap to call a professional. They might charge you an enormous amount for such minor facts. It’s always wise to check your thermostat battery first. Set your thermostat to “cool”; otherwise, you’re wasting electricity for no reason.


Give Importance To Circuit Breaker

If one of the breakers is tripped, you’re in great trouble. This is the one that connects to your HVAC system. So, starting your AC by resetting would be a wise decision. When a circuit is overloaded, breakers trip. If it trips frequently, please consider shutting other elements. They are probably great contributors to your issue. If the breaker keeps repeatedly tripping without leaving a single clue about the reason, call a professional. At such a moment, only a professional can save your back. They can diagnose the problem as soon as possible. 

Take Notice of the Fuse

You know window ac price well. They’re manufactured with particular mechanisms. Companies use delicate equipment. So, often their functions start disrupting due to high voltage. The fuse connected to the thermostat blows with just a minimum voltage fluctuation. Now, the only way to get rid of this issue is to change the fuse. I hope you’re not asking yourself to do it because it’s the expert’s job. Call one now and get your AC fixed. Summer is coming, and check all these necessary things before it hit hard you on the face. 


Look after the Dirty Filter 

Do you remember your manufacturer saying, “Clean the filter periodically?” I know it always rings in our mind when the AC is no more working. So, better late than never. Take the last chance to clean your filter before the issue gets really serious. The previous moment clean-up can really save your AC. However, an expert should take hold of it now. Still, give the last try to keep your pocket. Clean the filter with utmost care. Once it’s cleaned, the air passes without any obstruction. Your AC gets better within a minute.


Blown Transformer 

This issue is almost the same as the blown a fuse but in a big Avatar. Transformers blow due to poor contractor. So, you need to change it as soon as possible. For avoiding such difficulties, choose the best LG air conditioner. LG manufactures its products with durable and robust materials. The study says that they often last longer than other air conditioners. Customers experience less trouble like blown transformers. However, once you face such issues, call a trusted expert. Only he can save your AC from a permanent breakdown. The transformer is the driving mechanism of your air conditioner. You’ve got to change it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will end up damaging other mechanisms of your AC. 


Dirty Indoor and Outdoor Coils 

Sometimes the problem is not with your thermostat but with the coils. Though the thermostat is set to “cool,” the air conditioner emits heat. So, you’ve got to check the inner and outer coil. They make the thermostat functional. To get rid of such troubles permanently, please get a regular service for your HVAC system. A regular check-up can save your air conditioner from such mishaps. If they’re dirty and overused, they’ll never ease-out heat from your house. Call a professional and get the problem fixed. 


These are some pervasive issues that keep happening with your air conditioner. Experts say that these issues frequently occur with some low-priced air conditioners. Therefore, don’t get overjoyed with the low window ac price. They may cause trouble in the long run. Lay your trust upon some reputed companies to keep their promises. 


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