5 Treatments for Atrophic Scars


Scars can be stubborn and of different types that will affect your life both physically and mentally. Each scar has varied effects on your life that you need to understand. For instance, an atrophic scar forms below your tissue’s normal layer and is an indented scar. It occurs when your skin is not able to regenerate, thereby leaving an imbalanced scar.

Atrophic scar occurs due to chickenpox and severe acne. Sometimes these scars can form due to mole removal. There are different types of atrophic scar.

  • Ice pick scars: Small and narrow that looks like deep pores.
  • Boxcar scars: Similar to chickenpox scars and have defined borders.
  • Rolling scars: Found on cheeks and does not have defined edges.

What Are The Treatments For Atrophic Scars?

With a health card, you can cover all your hospital expenses, but you need to choose the right treatment that can bring a significant difference to your scars.

There are different types of treatment for atrophic scars, and you need to consult your dermatologist in Hyderabad to know the best treatment. You must also understand the risk of taking each treatment. If it is not effective, it can leave further scars on your skin.

Here are a few prominent scar treatments that you can consider.

Chemical Peels

It is a common method for treating scars. It destroys the damaged skin layer with the help of chemicals. The chemical ingredients peel off the skin, thereby producing a fresh layer of skin that is free from scars.

This regeneration of the skin will either reduce the appearance of the scarred skin or completely eliminate it. Chemical peels may take a few days or weeks to showcase their results.

Your skin needs time to heal from the peel; it may take days and even weeks. The chemical ingredients used in the treatment differ according to the condition.


The scars directly affect your tissues, so the treatments should be aimed to enhance the tissues. Soft tissue fillers are a common treatment that is primarily made for atrophic scars.

This treatment is used to either balance or raises the scar in order to match with the skin. These fillers are injected into your skin to provide instant results to your skin.

Due to the fillers, your skin’s soft tissues will start improving and decrease the appearance of your scarring.

Filler can be of different types that the dermatologist will determine after a complete diagnosis of your condition.

Punch Excision

It is meant for eliminating the strophic scars, especially the ice pick scars. Dermatologists will take a needle similar to the size of your scar to take out the scar tissue. Later the stitches help to close the wounds.

In case your scars are more severe, grafting can be used to fill the wound. The punch excision or grafting method can lead to severe skin pigmentation. Hence, you must discuss the risks with your doctor before going forward with this surgery.

However, this is one of the most preferred scar treatments for your atrophic scars.


It is one of the expensive treatments for atrophic scar removal, which is primarily helpful for rolling scars. Several other treatments are combined with subcision to make it more successful.

The subcision helps in loosening up the area around the scar and creating a new wound that will be healed with time. A needle is inserted in your skin repeatedly with a fanning motion.

Once the process is complete, ice pressure should be applied in the right quantity to prevent bleeding. You can repeat subcision if your scar is more severe and requires more seating.

These are a few methods that can be used to treat your atrophic scars. But before this, you must consult your dermatologist and seek medical guidance regarding the appropriate treatment.

The Bottom Line

It is important to take the required treatment for your atrophic scars in order to reduce their severity. Before taking any treatment, you must know that are no quick remedies or solutions for scars; you need to remain patient and choose the right treatment.