5 things to know about health insurance with maternity coverage


As per the data released by the Register General of India in July 2020, India has managed to lower its maternal mortality ratio by 9 points in one year. This has highlighted the efforts of the Government to improve the healthcare infrastructure of this country.

Along with an excellent infrastructure, access to dedicated healthcare plans like maternity insurance policies has also contributed to this success in reducing maternal mortality. It has allowed individuals to avail comprehensive financial coverage for the treatment of the mother and the child. The availability of other benefits of such policies has lowered the monetary burden of hospitalisation.

What is a maternity insurance policy?

These health insurance policies are created to extend financial coverage for the medical expenses incurred during the pregnancy. They include a host of expenditures, starting from hospitalisation to the vaccination of the new-born.

Policies like these come in two variants; one can either purchase it separately or as a part of the standard health insurance plan. In case an applicant performs a health insurance comparison between them, having two standalone policies, i.e., a healthcare one and a maternity one, may come off as a more expensive choice.

Hence, opting for a comprehensive policy can be a better solution, as it will be more cost-effective. Nonetheless, one should be aware of some pointers here before making any decision.

Top 5 points to know about health insurance with maternity coverage

Here are some essential pointers that one should know about this extensive medical insurance plan –

  1. Waiting period

Typically, family health insurance plans like these come with a waiting period on maternity benefits. This period can be anywhere between 1-4 years, depending on a particular insurance provider. In this period, claims related to pregnancy are not entertained by the company.

Therefore, it is ideal to review this pointer while purchasing a policy like this to avoid any future complications.

  1. Coverage extension

While buying maternity insurance included in a healthcare plan, it is vital to check its extent of coverage. Usually, it includes the following –

  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses
  • Pre and post-natal expenses
  • Hospitalisation charges
  • New-born baby’s treatment cost coverage

Along with these fundamentals, specific policies can also come with added benefits.

  1. Points of exclusion

Along with checking the coverage extension, it is vital to evaluate points of exclusion to buy the best family health insurance in India. Typically, comprehensive coverage like this does not include coverage against the following expenses –

  • Existing complications or disease
  • Congenital disease
  • Infertility treatments
  • Specific medicine costs

Being aware of these pointers will help insurance buyers to make an informed decision.

  1. Hike in premium

Healthcare insurance policies with maternity benefits can incur a higher premium amount as per the age of applicants. Hence, it ideal to opt for this policy at a young age, which will not only keep the premium amount low, but the waiting period for the policy will also be covered.

  1. Convenience

Best medical insurance in India for family always focuses on increasing the convenience of its customers. In this regard, two points require special mention –

  • Cashless benefits allow individuals to access treatment without paying anything out of pocket. Since insurance providers have a network of various hospitals across the country, individuals can avail this benefit with them. This facility is particularly beneficial during pregnancy, as emergencies can arrive at any moment.
  • The second one here is the availability no-claim bonus. This particular facility adds a certain percentage to the sum-insured after every claim-free year. Hence, when required, individuals can access a higher coverage amount. However, this percentage particularly varies as per the selection of insurance provider.

Apart from these, insurance companies extend different offers and benefits to help their customers enjoy a better experience.

The benefits of maternity insurance policies, added to health insurance plans, offer comprehensive coverage from an array of health-related issues. Nonetheless, it is vital to check the particular benefits of pregnancy-related treatment coverage and make a decision accordingly.