4 Top-Class Mandi Spots to Visit in Riyadh


Hey! Are you a mandi lover? Well, Riyadh is the best city to be in for exploring amazing mandis and yes, all of them are budget-friendly, so enhance your taste-buds with delicious mandis. In the recent times the hospitality sector has improved a lot in the country; thus, you find a large number of tourists visiting this part of the world every year. Interestingly, wide ranges of mandi flavours cater to everyone’s taste, so explore yours and enjoy quality food.

Though, it used to be the “once in a month dish” for people due to its expensiveness but with time, it has become the prominent and affordable dish to dine out with your friends and family members. Furthermore, this blog is very beneficial for you as it has gathered the prominent spots to enjoy mandi, so check them below and enhance your taste.


Honestly, a large number of people at this spot reveals its amazing popularity and yes, the chefs are highly experienced of cooking tastiest mandi, so consider it and enjoy quality food. Furthermore, you find the meat of every type, so right from chicken to camel meat; you can try everything with rice. Additionally, the chefs are highly experienced to select the right type of rice to let you enjoy the true taste of mandi. While finding different restaurants online, it is also better to dig out Booking.com where you can choose the best pick and yes you can also get discounts there but for that, do get the Booking.com discount code.

2-Shiekh Al-Mandi

It is also the nice place to visit in Riyadh to feed your hunger of mandi and yes, with being affordable, the ambience is also very perfect, so do visit it. Furthermore, its chefs not only offer great taste but also ensure hygiene; thus, a large number of people visit it mainly at weekends. It means that you should add this spot into your bucket list and improve your dining experience in this amazing city.

3-Al Romansiah

It is also the top-class restaurant when it comes to mandi and you not only enjoy food but also the eye-catching ambience and yes, the food is affordable; hence, it is the ideal place for a lunch particularly for workers. Furthermore, you find that its chefs consider only the fresh ingredients and the meat of all types catering to different tastes, so you should also try it out.

4-Kabsa Plus

It is also the best place to rush to if you love trying the unique taste of mandi with the superb ambience and yes, it also never hurts your pocket. Other than mandi, you can also try different Arab dishes, so visiting it is must for you. Yes, its management also ensures the superb hygiene and after the pandemic almost every dining-spot is very conscious about it. Additionally, its affordability also increases its fame among the masses, so do add it in a bucket list.