3 Types of Commercial Deep Fryers


Commercial deep fryers have always remained a staple utensil in high-end commercial kitchens. They can increase the efficiency of your kitchen significantly and make your food taste better.

The type of fryer you choose also plays an essential role in determining the functionality of your kitchen.

So, before you start looking for commercial deep fryers for sale, make sure you understand the various types and their uses properly.

Types of Commercial Deep Fryers Based on Use

Commercial deep fryers come in many shapes, sizes and types. They are even categorised based on the fuel needed. To help you make the right choice, here are the various types of commercial deep fryers you can look for:

Countertop fryers

These fryers are space-saving and are primarily used for low volume frying. They are perfect for making fried chicken wings, onion rings and French fries.

Floor-model deep fryers

If you want a higher capacity fryer, then this is the right choice for you. However, floor fryers require more space in the kitchen, and you will have to install a hood for cooking.

Speciality-use commercial fryers

These fryers are commonly used in bakeries and fairs. They are perfect for making corn dogs, doughnuts and funnel cakes.

Types of Commercial Deep Fryers Based on Fuel Type

When choosing among the best commercial deep fryers for sale, you cannot overlook the type of fuel being used. It is the most critical decision you have to make. Here is a list of the different fuel types available:

Natural gas

This has been the most common type of fuel used in restaurants for decades. When you need to cook large batches of food, the larger floor fryers need a high amount of natural gas to recover heat faster.

Liquid Propane

This fuel offers the same advantages that natural gas offers. The only additional advantage is portability.

Transporting your fryer on a food truck is pretty easy if it has propane as the fuel.


With fuel prices rising globally,  it is better if you look for alternatives. Furthermore, the use of fuel can have an impact on global emissions.

That being said, electric fryers seem like the safest option at the moment. Mostly countertop fryers fall in this category, and you can easily cook 10-15 lbs of oil in these.

Types of Commercial Deep Fryers Based on Burner type

The heat distribution system is another aspect you need to focus on when looking for commercial deep fryers for sale.


If you plan on making funnel cakes and doughnuts, then a flat-bottom fryer will work perfectly for you. It has no cold zone and is suitable for an optimal cooking experience.

Open pot

The larger hot zone, small cold zone, higher capacity and lower maintenance — all of these qualities make the open pot deep fryer very popular. However, they are less energy efficient compared to the rest and take more time to heat up.

Tubes and Baffles

Tubes and Baffles come with larger cold zones and are perfect for retaining the flavour and texture of the food. The only drawback is you cannot cook a large volume of food in it.

Ribbon element

Only electric fryers come with this type of heat distribution system. However, not as fast heating as a propane or natural gas fryer, these fryers can still transfer energy efficiently.

Hopefully, the pros and cons mentioned above will help you make the call when searching for commercial deep fryers for sale.

While natural gas fryers can heat up pretty quickly, they are not as energy-efficient and environment-friendly as electric fryers.

Just keep in mind your space, cooking needs and fuel consumption and choose the one that fits the bill.