3 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs Enough Sanitary Bins


Waste disposal is inevitable, be it in offices or homes- dumping garbage has multiple downsides. If you have been running a small business, you would know commercial waste bins are highly essential. However, if you have been providing the regular bins for worker’s restrooms, it is high time you switch to sanitary bins. Melbourne has approximately 14 garbage compactors across the central city, so it is all in your hands to get the waste to reach the hubs. Sanitary bins in Melbourne aids in segregating toxic feminine wastes and enter the hard-waste collection in the city.

Importance Of Installing Sanitary Bins

Sanitary bins are specialised cases that allow the safe disposal of sanitary/menstrual wastes. Workplace environments that provide regular metal bins without a touch-free closure mechanism are often unsafe. Improper disposal of menstrual wastes, including shredding or seepage of napkins without proper lids, can release harmful toxins or pathogens like salmonella, coli, etc. If you have higher protection of female employees or clients visiting your office often, they are at elevated risk to get affected. Thus, productive sanitary bins can keep your employees away from health risks and other transmissible infections.

Benefits of an effective sanitary disposal unit

Overflowing toilet bins, leaking faucets and, dirty bathroom flooring can tell so much about how you do business. In a city like Melbourne, which has a sex ratio of 98.1% and a higher female population, spaces with aptly installed sanitary bins can create a positive outlook.

1. Market A Safe Work Environment To Employees

Undeniably, your biggest investment in the business is your workers. And, of course, they are the most influential raw material that can deliver productive outputs and marginal turnovers. In today’s world, a loyal circle of employees can be of great help in the growth of your business. Thus, to achieve the same, you have to create a safe and convenient work environment. Deploying enough sanitary bins with a foot stamp or any other non-touch closure, regular disposals and, cleaning sessions can attract worker attention. It is a simple way to show them that you care for their health.

2. Staying Away From Repetitive Drain clogs

Imagine you furnish the bathrooms with faulty bins or have left the overflowing cans unreplaced. Such instances are not just intimidating for menstruating female employees but also create immense discomfort. Ultimately, they have no other option than flushing the pads or tampons down the closet. Though this may sound negligible, it can ultimately result in drained clogs and other plumbing complications in the long run. On the flip side, spruce sanitary receptacles are not pricey and make an affordable investment to keep you away from unwanted plumbing costs and downtime that causes inconvenience.

3. Hygiene check

In the current scenario amidst the pandemic, hygiene speaks louder. Sanitary bins create a period-friendly workspace for female employees during their cycle. Not just that, it maintains the hygiene level of the entire restroom. As a result, it prevents cross-contamination due to which your workers might have to go on a paid leave. In a prominent city like Melbourne with an urban area of around 2,453 Km2, improper sanitary disposals can also add up to infectious landfills. In such cases, air-borne diseases can quickly spread across the city due to contaminated pads shredding on the streets. On the bottom line, sanitary bins in Melbourne are in demand to maintain sanitation levels in the city!