10 tips for buying new kitchen cabinets


You want kitchen cabinets to store all the stuff in the kitchen. No kitchen can work properly without cabinets. That is why you need to buy a new set of cabinets. But the rules for buying new ones are a bit different from remodeling projects. It is less stressful to get new ones for your kitchen. But, consider some tips to go on with the task.

First of all, kitchen cabinets should organize your kitchen. Then, it will make cooking easier for you. A hassle-free kitchen is the best one. So, think about the alignment of the cabinets before you install them. After that, deal with the designs and color. But, you set your priorities right.

Before taking the big step, look at the tips below to get a good start:

  1. Look for quality cabinets
  2. Choose a style
  3. Focus on the storage
  4. Check the cabinet doors
  5. Cabinet drawers
  6. Framed or frameless
  7. Choose the shelves
  8. Check the hardware
  9. Pick a design and color
  10. Make up your budget

1- Look for quality cabinets:

Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or buying new ones, look for quality cabinets. The design, style, and color come later. First of all, make sure that the cabinet will last lost. Also, buying quality kitchen cabinets is a long-term investment. So, you prefer them to go for at least ten years. Do not make a hasty decision and buy low-quality kitchen cabinets. Look for the durable ones that perform well.

2- Choose a style:

The next step is to choose the best style for your kitchen. If you prefer bright and airy kitchens, go for shaker-style cabinets. But, for a dark or warm feel, choose nova grey cabinets. Modern, traditional, or rustic, pick any style that suits your interior. Then, decide on the shape of cabinets. Do you want curved or square cabinets? Make sure that the style goes with your cooking space.

3- Focus on storage:

The real purpose of kitchen cabinets is to give storage. So, focus on the storage before buying new cabinets. If you have large size appliances, get vertical cabinets. Also, focus on what the cabinets can offer. Not only look at the design and color. Look at the inner space of the cabinets. The tip is to throw out the old stuff and make space for the new ones.

4- Check the cabinet doors:

The cabinet doors are the most vital part of the cabinetry. You open and close them rigorously. Therefore, they must be durable. Also, look at their open-close system. They must not be hard for regular use. Also, the design of doors is essential. The first you see is their doors. So, pick the best wood and style for the cabinet doors. But, avoid those with laminate doors as they might get humid.

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5- Cabinet drawers:

Most of the cabinetry comes with cabinet drawers. Well, they help arrange the kitchen. So, it is vital to check the durability of drawers. Choose the ones with soft open and close dovetail joints. Then, check their wood from top to bottom. See if there are any hints of glue. Do not use stapled cabinet drawers as they might not last that long. 

6- Framed or frameless:

Both framed and frameless cabinets are in demand these days. Frameless j&k cabinets are easy to install. They can work individually. However, framed ones are tricky. Also, they require proper measurement and space. But use solid wood for the frames. So, choose the one that suits your lifestyle and comes in your pocket. 

7- Choose the shelves:

A kitchen has a complete look with wooden shelves. Also, it is practical to keep the stuff at some distance. So, make sure that the shelves are thick and durable. They must be able to carry the load. Choose the ones with ¾ thickness.

8- Check the hardware:

No doubt, perfect hardware can elevate the look of your kitchen cabinets. But, the hardware must be of good quality. The reason is that you use the handles and knobs daily. That is why it should be durable to stand the wear and tear. Also, look for soft close door handles to prevent slamming.

9- Pick the design and color:

So, after choosing the quality wood, hardware and storage, pick a design and color. It is as essential as the other factors. So, the tip is to select a color and design that goes well with the overall theme. Nowadays, blue, black, and all-white kitchens are trending. Or, you can go for contrasts.

10- Make up your budget:

Whether you choose a simple set of cabinets or the fancy one, consider your budget. See if it comes in your budget or not. Also, look for quality cabinets at low prices. But, do not go beyond your estimate. 


For buying kitchen cabinets, one has to start with the quality factor. All the other stuff comes later. Also, check on the storage factor to make it worth the price. Follow these tips to build the kitchen of your dreams. But, check every single detail of the cabinets’ quality inside out. And choose the best design and color that suits your interior.